Liverpool fury: Seething locals rage at Boris over ‘punishing’ lockdown ‘not a petri dish’

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Millions of people across the UK are now facing tougher measures after being designated in local alerts, or ‘tiers’ under the new system announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Liverpool is the first area of England to be placed in the very high level of coronavirus restrictions. BBC Today show reporter Dan Johnson spoke to residents in the northern city about their feelings on the matter.

Rebecca Haycocks, the manager of a gin distillery, told Radio 4: “Once again we’re being punished. It’s unfair.

“We followed all the rules and the rules have changed like six or seven times since July 4, and each time we’ve adapted. Yet we’re the ones who are getting all the restrictions.”

One of her customers added: “It does feel very much a north and south divide, in my opinion really.

“I know it’s for safety, I understand that side of things, but it’s always the fact that we’re being treated like a petri dish. Test the north, see if it works and we’ll carry on with it.”

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