‘Go back to working in a chemist!’ Sunak slammed for being ‘desperate and unrelatable’

Rishi Sunak told to go back to 'working in a chemist' by Cundy

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The Tory leadership hopeful has pledged to cut VAT on energy bills during his campaign for Prime Minister. Liz Truss’ campaign declared it a “screeching U-turn” as throughout the Tory leadership contest Mr Sunak has repeatedly branded her tax-cutting plans as “comforting fairytales”. The former chancellor also rejected calls for a VAT cut to energy bills in February, telling the Commons “there would be no guarantee that suppliers would pass on the discounts to all customers”.

Speaking to GB News, journalist Lizzie Cundy said: “He keeps saying, ‘I worked in a chemist’.

“I think frankly, he should go back and work in that chemist because he’s never going to Prime Minister.

“He’s so polished, so full of tinsel. It’s all twaddle.

“He’s now doing a tax U-turn, that’s desperation.

“I don’t think people of the nation can relate to someone who is married to a billionairess.

“He doesn’t have a clue and it does have a difference if he’s wearing Prada shoes, people do notice that sort of thing.

“Who goes to a building site in Prada shoes? Rishi.

“Let me tell you, members of the Conservative party do not like disloyalty and who does that to your fellow work colleague?”

Rishi Sunak defends 'inconsistency' over tax policies

The Foreign Secretary was asked about her rival’s pledge during a visit to Romford, but refused to launch any personal attacks against Mr Sunak.

Instead, she challenged him to cut more taxes.

She told broadcasters: “I do welcome that.

“I think we all recognise that taxes need to come down.


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“We have got the highest level of taxes for 70 years.

“I want a country where people who work hard and do the right thing, set up their own businesses, go into work are rewarded, and that’s why I want to lower tax.

“That’s why I’d reverse the national insurance rise, which we promised not to do in our manifesto.

“We need to get on with that, we need to get the economy growing.”

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