Farage says he may be ‘forced’ to make political comeback to sort out Tory mess

Nigel Farage has threatened the Tories with a sensational comeback to frontline politics if they fail to improve living standards and end the cost of living crisis.

Speaking to ITV this evening, the man who led UKIP and the Brexit Party to sensational victories in national elections delivered a stark warning to the Conservative Government.

Asked whether the current Government’s performance in office will tempt him back into politics, Mr Farage replied: “It may, it may. I think declining living standards, allied to a cost of living standards, is a very real thing”.

He added he spent 21 years in politics as an MEP, as well as leading efforts in the Brexit referendum and an exhausting 2015 General Election as UKIP leader, and therefore isn’t keen on the “extraordinary level of abuse” received in politics.

However he said he wouldn’t rule out a return.

“I’m going to have to have a long hard think; I don’t rule it out, it’s not top of my bucket list.

“But if we go on failing people, disappointing people in the way that we are, well I’ll have to give it some serious thought.”

Mr Farage accepted that attempting to win a seat in the Commons, unlike the EU Parliament, would be much more difficult because of the UK First Past the Post voting system and party spending rules, which favour the larger parties.

“The only difficulty for me with this is I was able in 2014 and 2019 to lead parties that came first in the European elections under proportional representation.

“To break through under First Past the Post, and particularly with the funding rules that apply to challenger parties compared to the establishment, I’m going to have to have a long hard think.”

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It’s recently been speculated that the Lib Dems would only support a Labour government after the next election if they guaranteed a change to the voting system, however, which would then make it easier for a Nigel Farage comeback.

Speaking to Mr Farage on GB News last night, former Lib Dem leader Vince Cable said: “Electoral reform – which can take different forms… – that from our point of view would be, has been, a central negotiation issue”.

Mr Farage agreed with Mr Cable that Britain should introduce a new system called ‘AV+’, a new voting system devised by a New Labour report last time they were in Government.

The voting system would allow for a mixed system, where voters choose a local constituency MP and then up to 20 percent of the Commons would be selected from a proportional system, combining the constituency link enjoyed at present while allowing smaller parties the ability to enter Parliament.

If the Lib Dems succeed in forcing Sir Keir to change the voting system, it would pave a much smoother road for a Nigel Farage return to frontline politics.

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