Covid breakthrough: Matt Hancock pledges to vaccinate ‘every adult’ in the UK by autumn

Matt Hancock says every adult will be offered vaccine by Autumn

The Health Secretary told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that he hopes every adult offered the coronavirus vaccine will take it. He added that the UK Government has secured 350 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines and have more than enough to vaccinate the entire British population. 

Mr Marr said: “The inventor of the Pfizer vaccine has said that you had to vaccinate everybody by the autumn.

“Are you going to be able to do that?”

The Health Secretary replied: “Yes.”

The BBC host asked: “Everybody will be vaccinated by the autumn?”


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Mr Hancock replied: “Every adult will be offered a vaccine by the autumn, absolutely.

“I totally agree it is very important, of course, you have to do it according to need.

“Somebody in a care home for instance is many times more likely to die if they catch coronavirus than someone like me in my 40s.

“Absolutely we are going to offer the vaccine to everybody, we have got over 350 million doses on order, they are not all here yet but we are rolling them out as fast as they are delivered.

Matt Hancock says there could be annual coronavirus vaccine

“We are going to have enough to offer a vaccine to everybody over the age of 18 and by the autumn.

“I really hope everybody will take that up.

“The take-up so far has been absolutely fantastic.”

On Saturday the UK recorded a further 59,937 Covid related cases.

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The was also a further 1,035 coronavirus-related deaths registered.

The UK has now suffered more than 80,000 coronavirus-related deaths.

The Government aims to have vaccinated 13 million of the most vulnerable people across Britain before lifting the restrictions.

On Saturday it was announced that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip had received a coronavirus vaccine.

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