Conservative Chairman admits party could lose 1,000 seats in May

The Conservative Party is braced for a difficult local election battle, as party chairman Greg Hands has just admitted that it is prepared to lose more than 1,000 seats in May. 

He told Sky News: “The independent expectations are that the conservatives will lose more than 1000 seats and Labour will need to make big gains.”

But the party chairman said the elections will be fought “primarily on local issues”. 

Mr Hands said: “No one is pretending it’s going to be easy.

“Last year was a very difficult year for the country, difficult year for the government, difficult year for the Conservative party.

“But what we are doing is getting on with the five priorities – of halving inflation, restoring growth, cutting the debt, reducing hospital waiting lists and stopping the boats.

“That is the peoples’ priority, those are Rishi Sunak’s priorities.”

“In terms of the local elections, these will be fought principally on local issues. We’ve got a huge number of conservative councillors up for reelection in a few weeks time.”


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