Commons speaker gives stern warning to MPs not to name Chinese spy

Commons Speaker's stark warning not to name Chinese Spy

Sir Lindsay Hoyle delivered a stark warning to MPs this afternoon, telling them not to dare use Parliamentary privilege to try naming the man at the centre of a new spying scandal. 

After reports emerged yesterday that an MP could name the spy in the Commons without any legal ramifications, Sir Lindsay took to his feet this afternoon warning them off such a tactic. 

Sir Lindsay said MPs do not discuss details of security issues on he floor of the House “for reasons which are well understood”. 

“This is an ongoing sensitive investigation. And members will of course understand that public discussion will be wholly inappropriate.”

The Speaker clarified that the House of Commons uses the same vetting procedures as the Government, and that issues raised by the media over the weekend “are being addressed”. 

The House of Commons’ security team is now working “closely and effectively” with other relevant authorities, and the Speaker emphasised Parliament keeps its security arrangements “under review at all times”.

He warned MPs not to comment on the identities of those involved the spy scandal, hitting out at the media for some of its “unhelpful” coverage.

Sir Lindsay said that further discussion about the story, or naming of the man in his 20s, could prejudice future prosecutions.

Many anti-China MPs were in attendance at the statement, the timing of which had been briefed out hours in advance.

The Speaker did not take any points of order, denying MPs any chance to voice their outrage at China’s actions.

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