Boris Johnson’s popularity skyrockets in Ukraine to level of President Zelensky in poll

Ukraine: President Zelensky's message to EU members and citizens

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The data comes from a new poll from Former Deputy Chairman of the Conservatives Lord Ashcroft who ran the survey in Ukraine, Russia and 11 bordering countries including Finland, Latvia and Serbia. The series of polls focused on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and included questions such as the expected length of the conflict, chances of victory for Russia or Ukraine, and which ally leader is most respected in Ukraine.

The Prime Minister has made two visits to Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict and both occasions have been praised by President Zelensky and by supporters of Johnson at home.

Speaking to The Telegraph via video link the Ukrainian President said at the beginning of last month that he is “happy” and “believes that Boris Johnson is a real friend of Ukraine”.

He added: “I consider him our ally. I consider Britain our great friend. I can’t comment on their internal political situation, I honestly don’t know the details, I hope Prime Minister Johnson will forgive me.”

He continued: “I’m really happy Boris has been openly supporting us. Boris is a concrete leader who supports Ukraine.”

According to Lord Ashcroft’s poll, the British Prime Minister is seen as “somewhat” or “very” favourable by 90 percent of people in Ukraine, with President Zelensky ahead by only three percent.

Other allies to Ukraine fall behind with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at 42 percent alongside French President Emmanuel Macron.

President Joe Biden is closely behind Mr Johnson at 89 percent favourability.

In his report Lord Ashcroft quipped that the small percentage between President Zelensky and Mr Johnson “leads to the idle thought that if Boris is to face another confidence vote, he should ask that it be held in Kyiv rather than Westminster.”

The Prime Minister was questioned by the BBC about the cost of helping Ukraine through the conflict to which he replied: “I think that sometimes the price of freedom is worth paying.”

He continued: “Just remember, it took the democracies in the middle of the last century a long time to recognise that they had to resist tyranny and aggression, it took them a long time, it was very expensive.

“What it bought in the end, with the defeat of the dictators, particularly of Nazi Germany, it brought decades and decades of stability.”

When Lord Ashcroft asked in his polls whether various states and institutions were doing enough to help, Britain came out on top once more.

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The overall response was that their own country was doing very well but the results for NATO were less positive with less than 50 percent of respondents believing it is doing enough.

When Ukrainians were asked the same question less than one in four believed France and Germany were doing enough and only one in three said the same of NATO and only four in 10 were happy with the European Union.

The US were positively received but the UK won the poll with Ashcroft being told “it really is true that Ukrainian soldiers shout ‘God save the Queen’ when firing their British anti-tank weapons.”

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