Biden Ad Features George Floyd’s Sister: Campaign Update

The sister of George Floyd is featured in a new ad for Democratic nominee Joe Biden. More than 1.6 million felons are disenfranchised in the six battleground states. And a Biden campaign video calls President Donald Trumpa “super spreader.”

There are 19 days until the election and 61 days until the Electoral College meets.

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George Floyd’s Sister Appears in Biden Campaign Ad

A new ad from the Biden campaign features the sister of George Floyd, who was killed by Minneapolis police this summer, as the Democratic nominee continues to draw a contrast with Trump’s abrasive demeanor.

In thead,released on what would have been Floyd’s 47th birthday, Bridgett Floyd talks about Biden’s compassion as soft piano music plays.

“Joe Biden reached out to the family to actually meet,” she says. “He was there to listen. He was very sincere. Biden is the change that we need.”

The ad does not mention it, but Trump’s interactions with Floyd’s family did not go as well. Floyd’s brother, Philonise, said inan interview on MSNBC in May that he felt like the president didn’t want to hear what he had to say.

“He didn’t give me an opportunity to even speak,” he said. “It was hard. I was trying to talk to him, but he just kept, like, pushing me off.”

More Than 1.6 Million Felons Can’t Vote in Battleground States

In four of the six battleground states, the number of felons who can’t vote is greater than the margin of Trump’s victory in 2016.

Areport released Wednesday from the Sentencing Project estimated that 5.2 million Americans will not be able to vote in the presidential election because they have been convicted of a felony.

More than 40% of them have already completed their sentence but remain disenfranchised.

Civil rights activists seeking to restore voting rights to the formerly incarcerated have highlighted Florida, where felons cannot vote until they have paid court fines and fees which are often difficult to determine.

The report estimated that there are 233,816 disenfranchised felons in Arizona, 38,819 in Michigan, 48,823 in Pennsylvania and 69,344 in Wisconsin — in each case more than the difference in votes between Trump and Hillary Clinton in those states in 2016.

Biden Video Calls Trump a ‘Super Spreader’

When Trump caught coronavirus, the Biden campaign briefly halted all its negative ads. Now that he’s better, they’re having some fun with it.

In a video posted on social media Wednesday, the Biden campaign caricatures Trump as the villain of a 1950s horror movie, “The Super Spreader.”

It then shows a black-and-white clip of Trump bragging about no longer having Covid-19 at a rally in Florida on Monday.

“I’ll walk in there,” Trump is shown saying. “I’ll kiss everyone in that audience. I’ll kiss the guys, and the beautiful women and everybody. I’ll just give ya a big, fat kiss.”

The video ends by encouraging people to wear a mask, social distance and “stay away from the president.”

A more serious adreleased Tuesday showed the daughter of a coronavirus victim criticizing Trump’s handling of his own diagnosis.

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