BBC blasted on air for ‘lacking moral clarity’ by furious ex-Israeli PM

Victoria Derbyshire clashes with Naftali Bennett over Israel

The BBC was accused of a “lack of moral clarity” by former Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett in a furious interview this morning.

The ex-Israeli PM launched the attack on the national broadcaster during a fiery appearance on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg.

Stand-in host Victoria Derbyshire quoted articles from the Geneva Conventions on protecting civilians to Mr Bennett.

He replied: “That’s exactly what we’re doing, that’s exactly why we are allowing the civilians to evacuate before pounding them. We’re doing the opposite of what Hamas did.”

Derbyshire pressed: “It’s not exactly what you’re doing…”

Mr Bennet said: “You asked the question, would you let me answer?

“What Hamas Isis did is they entered roughly 30 communities, they butchered babies, they burnt them alive, they pulled a baby out of a pregnant mum and then beheaded the baby and beheaded the mum, they raped young girls.

“This is what we’re dealing with and with all due respect I think the Geneva Conventions first and foremost tell a country you need to defend yourself, and we will defend ourselves.

“I know that last week a hospital was fired by Islamic Jihad, they fired a rocket on it, and the BBC said that it was Israel but it wasn’t Israel.

“And I understand that the BBC has taken a side on the Gazan side because all your questions are only about the Gazan civilians, you haven’t asked one question about those children from the very beginning of this interview you just were asking me about them but it seems you care little about our side.”

Derbyshire interrupted: “That’s not true. Mr Bennett that is not true.”

He said: “Oh it is. What question did you ask me about our side?”

Ms Derbyshire replied: “I began by talking about the hostages. And what I’m asking you about now is…”

Mr Bennett said: “I’m not talking about the hostages. I’m talking about the babies that were murdered and you keep on caring only about one side but that is the BBC way.

“If you think there’s a balance here between two equal sides then you are lacking moral clarity and BBC I must say is lacking moral clarity. What you guys did last week shame on you.”

Derbyshire said: “Before we spoke to you I spoke to a veteran Palestinian politician and I asked her about the massacre of Israeli citizens in southern Israel.”

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