Andrew Adonis compares Lord Frost to SCROOGE has he launches Christmas Brexit attack

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The arch-europhile asked the Brexit minister to choose his favourite ghost from A Christmas Carol to characterise Brexit.

Wishing him “a very happy Christmas” in the “spirit of goodwill”, he set out three scenarios as if Lord Frost was Scrooge and asked him to pick his favourite.

He asked: “Could I ask him, when he reads A Christmas Carol, who does he like most?

“Is it the ghost of Christmas past when he was a huge enthusiast for the European Union? Is it the ghost of Christmas present when like Mr Scrooge he carries his own low temperature all about with him? Or is it hopefully the ghost of Christmas future when we rejoin the European Union and he can buy all his nieces and nephews glorious presents in the single market and the customs union?”

His question sparked laughter from across the House.

Responding, Lord Frost returned good wishes before sidestepping the scenarios laid out by the Labour peer.

He said: ‘” thank the noble Lord for his goodwill and extend his goodwill to all members of this House.

“I must say if I’m forced to choose, a forced-choice is Christmas future because I believe our future outside the European Union is a great one.

“I must say, I’ve not noticed any difficulties in access to the products from the European Union and our exports to the European Union are continuing well and I’m sure will prosper on that basis.”

More to follow…

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