More Dems turn on Cuomo amid COVID nursing home scandal

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JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello everyone. I’m Juan Williams along with Jesse Watters, Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, and Katie Pavlich. It’s 5:00 in New York City. This is “The Five.” 

The fallout from the nursing home scandal getting very serious for New York governor, Andrew Cuomo. The FBI and U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn now reportedly investigating him and senior members of his coronavirus task force. It’s over claims they covered up COVID deaths at nursing home facilities. 

Cuomo insists he’s done nothing wrong. But he is now facing growing bipartisan backlash. One state Democrat, Assemblyman Ron Kim, says the governor bullied him and threatened to “destroy him.” Take a look.


RON KIM, NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLYMAN: When you get closer to the truth behind the growing nursing home scandal in New York, Governor Cuomo tries to implicate you in the cover-up or threatens your livelihood if you don’t lie for him. And that’s what happened to me in the last one week. For 10 minutes, he berated me, he yelled at me, he told me that, you know, my career would be over. He’s been biting his tongue for months against me. And I had tonight, not tomorrow, tonight to issue a new statement, essentially asking me to lie.


WILLIAMS: And New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio, he’s backing up the idea that Cuomo is a bully. 


MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO (D-NY), NEW YORK CITY: But that’s classic Andrew Cuomo. A lot of people in New York State have received those phone calls. You know, the bullying is nothing new. I believe Ron Kim and it’s very, very sad.


WILLIAMS: Jesse, yesterday we were talking about, you know, exactly what is the crime that he did. I don’t think there’s any question he made grievous mistakes, but is it the case that somebody might just say “boy, those Democrats in New York — de Blasio, now Kim — are feuding with a powerful governor who may be seeking a fourth term?” 

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: There is a feud, but Cuomo started it. Let’s paint the picture, Juan. This guy Ron Kim, Democrat, his uncle died in a nursing home that Governor Cuomo infected. He’s giving his children a bath in his apartment in Queens the other day. 

He’s got sleeves rolled up, he’s on his knees. He has the Johnson & Johnson no tears baby shampoo, here he gets a phone call. It’s the governor screaming so loudly that his wife can hear, and now she’s in tears because the governor’s demanding he lie, threatens to destroy his career. He says, “you’re going to feel my wrath and don’t cross me.” 

And what else is the governor going to do? He’s already killed the guy’s uncle. His wife is in tears. But Cuomo is not stopping there, no. He’s called at least three other state Democrat lawmakers, threaten to destroy their careers for trying to strip them of emergency powers. 

At least Donald Trump, when he called you out, did it on twitter in public and he owned it. Governor Cuomo does it in the dark and secret and then he tries to deny it. This is all about Mario Cuomo, his father and his legacy. 

He was elected three terms as governor in New York, and his son, he wants a fourth term, but he can see that fourth term fading because you now have federal investigations, public humiliation, bipartisan outrage. 

So, he’s acting like a caricature of a Tammany Hall gangster politician, but he’s coming off more like a bully that got punched in the face and now his nose is bleeding and he’s wounded and whining about it and maybe doesn’t look so invincible. 

WILLIAMS: That’s a good point. 

WATTERS: So, it’s gotten so bad that now Zucker over at CNN won’t even let Chris, his brother, go near him, conveniently, because the governor’s brand is too toxic all of a sudden. It’s getting rough, let’s put it that way. 

WILLIAMS: I’m going to ask Greg about that later, but Dana, let me ask you about the scandal reaching Washington because now there’s a letter from nine Republican senators asking the Senate Judiciary Committee to have Merrick Garland, who is the nominee for attorney general, commit — commit that he will investigate Andrew Cuomo. 

I’m wondering if that’s a little bit of overreach by the Republicans. I mean, shouldn’t an investigation be done privately and without political pressure?

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: I think it’s pretty easy for Merrick Garland to answer that question, which is looks like the DOJ and the U.S. attorneys’ offices is already investigating. And if I were Merrick Garland, I would say I see no reason to stop that and move on and get confirmed. That’s what I think will happen. 

I don’t think that Andrew Cuomo ever thought in his life he would be grateful to Senator Ted Cruz until today because obviously (inaudible) for political news, Ted Cruz is getting a little bit of attention today for something else we’ll talk about in a little bit. 

Look, when you’re taking incoming fire from your own side to this great extent, there’s no place to hide. There is no safe port in the storm. So, I think that there’s only one way to let some air out of this political balloon. He either has to say something like, let me fess up, here’s what happened.

Or more likely, even if the Democrats are going after him because they are looking for him to topple so that they can move up. I mean, the guys have been governor for three terms. He wants a fourth. I think that’s not going to happen. And if the governor wants to sort of alleviate the situation, he might come out soon and say he’s not running again. 

WILLIAMS: That’s an interesting thought. But Katie, to that point, this week we have a new poll from Sienna, a New York State pollster. And what they find is that even after the scandal broke, Cuomo’s approval rating among New Yorkers is basically unchanged. And here is something I found really interesting. It said 39 percent, not a very high number, approve of how he made the data public, but 60 percent, Katie, approve of his handling of the pandemic. What do you make of this?

KATIE PAVLICH, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, we’ve been talking about the Andrew Cuomo nursing home scandal for nearly a year now, but not everybody has. And so I think that we’re just at the beginning of the real seriousness of the consequences for what — of what he’s looking at.

I mean, we haven’t seen subpoenas yet from the Senate in Washington, D.C. or from the local legislature, but we do have an FBI investigation. And I think it’s going to be really interesting to watch his staff and how they react when they have to lawyer up, and they can no longer call people and scream at them on the phone because they are under perjury rules and have a potential of going to prison themselves if they lie under oath to investigators. 

So, while I think this is just the beginning, I think the more people learn about it, I think his approval rating will go down. Now, also, you have to remember that before Andrew Cuomo was saying this is just Republicans attacking me because I’m running for governor again, well, there’s a lot of Democrats who had people who were killed in nursing homes as a result of government decisions. 

And so now everybody is asking questions and it’s not really a political issue anymore. It’s a matter of accountability and finding out what happened after Andrew Cuomo Refused to release the data to both Republicans and Democrats. 

WILLIAMS: Yes. So, Greg, Jesse was talking about the situation over at CNN. Chris Cuomo, the governor’s brother, now told to stay away from the story. I think we both agree there is an element of entertainment in cable news coverage and the sibling rivalry and the giant Q-tip, oh, it was funny.

But I was wondering, just as a matter of seriousness, now there is real news and a real scandal. Isn’t it appropriate to say that a brother can’t cover a brother? 

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, that’s — I think — as Jesse said, how convenient. So they had no issues with bro covering bro when it was an adorable media darling shtick, right, when they played Abbott and Costello, or when they had a block where they talked about whether the governor was single and ready to mingle. It turns out he was ready to mingle. He mingled COVID patients with a rest home tenants and killed them! 

So, let’s face it. They should have done this sooner. And that’s the big question. Imagine this — if CNN had made that call sooner and banned the bro’s, right? And Jake Tapper was doing the interviews and not Andrew Cuomo, there would be no Q-tip, there’d be no dating tips. Perhaps the governor would’ve acted faster under pressure from Tapper to reverse the policies and perhaps save some lives. 

So, we have to ask, how culpable is CNN in all of this? Perhaps the major cable carriers who bring CNN into your homes should reflect on whether that’s a safe decision to make. I mean, I would definitely want to revisit that. 

And in lieu of the bro scandal, I suggest that Chris Cuomo could cover another scandal that’s out there and brewing. You know, “The New York Post” was reporting court papers that show CNN paid $35,000 to a BLM anti-Trump writer who egged on the siege at the capital. 

So, they actually put a guy who encouraged the siege on TV and let him shape the narrative that he helped make and they paid him. And they didn’t question his involvement until others called him and didn’t question. That seems to me a pretty, pretty, pretty big story. Maybe now that Chris Cuomo has some free time and he doesn’t have to follow his brother around, he could cover that story. Wouldn’t that be great? 

WILLIAMS: All right. Coming up, the political blame game is heating up, while Texans suffer in the freezing cold. What AOC and other Democrats are saying now, next, for you on “The Five.”


WATTERS: The blame game in full swing, while Texas is still reeling from a massive winter storm. Thousands of people there are going on four days without power and heat. Instead of working on a solution, far left Democrats smell an opportunity to defend the radical green new deal, even though frozen wind turbines helped cause the problem. 

AOC says adopting the green new deal would have prevented the blackouts in Texas, and Beto O’Rourke, remember him, and members of the liberal media are attacking leaders of the lone star state. 


BETO O’ROURKE, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: In Texas, you have an example of what happens when a state is governed by those who do not believe in government to begin with. 

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: The governor is making this massive and very dangerous and deadly outage all about politics. Why weren’t you ready? Even if — let’s just say you’re right about the wind turbine, and you’re not, shouldn’t you have been ready?


WATTERS: And Ted Cruz is taking major heat from everybody over a trip to Cancun, Mexico. The senator is now on his way back as the states called him out for it — everywhere has been calling out Ted Cruz. I looked at my phone, Gutfeld. Every time I picked it up, I see Ted in some manner of travel —


WATTERS: — from one airport, another airport, mask on, in a plane. A lot of uproar. 

GUTFELD: Well here’s my advice for any government official. Don’t buy a nonrefundable ticket, you know. And check the deposit for your hotel. You should always assume you’re going to cancel your vacation if your constituents suffer. 

If they are going through something, you have to cancel it, do it some other time or pull what I call the “Jesse Watters maneuver.” You marry your vacation to like a charity event. So like, you’re in Cancun — you’re in Cancun, but that’s where the orphanage is. 

So I’ve often walked by Jesse’s pod — he doesn’t have an office. He has a pod — and I’ll see him and he looks for orphanages and charities on islands. It’s disgusting. 

WATTERS: Yes, that’s what I used to do on the — I used to do that on “The Factor.” I would say, Bill, there’s a big story that’s breaking in Panama City Beach. I need to investigate that immediately. Dana, you brought this up earlier about this kind of wiped the Cuomo news off, but I mean, they must — I mean, this is kind of day one stuff if you’re a politician. If there is a weather disaster in your state, you don’t go on a tropical vacation. 

PERINO: And I, you know, and he said that, you know, he was taking his daughters because they were going on a trip. And look, the daughters, one, they shouldn’t be an excuse, but also I can understand that as a family, they probably don’t get a lot of time together and it was like this has been long planned and we need to go. 

Anyway, so he’s back there. It’s obviously not egregious as compared to what Andrew Cuomo is accused of doing. But, yes, it speaks to something. One thing about Beto O’Rourke, I don’t know if we could pull back up the picture. Anybody look at that bookshelf and think, nah, no way. Do you know what I mean?

WATTTERS: Pull it up. 

PERINO: There’s like — there’s no way.

WATTERS: Can you pull that up?

PERINO: This guy is, well, first of all, Robert Francis O’Rourke as Carl Rove reminds us, he’s running one more time for statewide office, right, in Texas. So, honestly, look at that. 


PERINO: Anybody buying that? 

WATTERS: Is he in a library?

PERINO: Anyone buying that? Oh, come on. 

WATTERS: Oh, man.

PERINO: That’s a pretty impressive library indeed. He’s going to get a lot of campaign contributions again from the left. They will pour money in (inaudible) then he will fall short again. The energy issues though, look, there’s a lot of culpability that can go around and it’s not just all one issue. 

One of the big things is failure to plan and failure to invest and to weatherize. And it’s not fun to do the maintenance around you house when you’d rather, you know, add a deck or buy a new furniture, but the maintenance is what is critical to keep the roof over your head. 

And I think Texas is paying a big price for this. It’s very unfortunate. You know, I have friends — many friends, of course, in Texas. Many of them have resources and means, but they are suffering too. So imagine what people that don’t have means are going through. 

And I — we already know that more than 30 people have died. I think the suffering is way up there. We haven’t heard the end of this. And also, I could just ask everyone to pray for these ranchers that are trying to take care of the livestock. This is the time of year when the calves are born and its really treacherous time out there for them especially if they can’t get to water because it’s all frozen over. 

WATTERS: Wow, Dana Perino with the rancher’s perspective. I like that on “The Five.” All right, Juan, what do you think about all this? 

WILLIAMS: Well, you know, from my perspective, Jesse, it’s like let’s rewind the clock because when I was introduced to this story, there was Governor Abbott putting all the blame on the wind turbines and the green new deal. 

Now, it turns out as we come into this story, that the truth, the facts are that this isn’t about wind turbines. This is about the fact that the coal and gas production was not prepared, as Dana was saying, to deal with this cold snap and they locked up. They got all jammed up. 

So, you know, to me, its boomerangs on Abbott and its boomerang on people who did not, in fact, invest in the idea of let’s say the grid being part of the whole United States instead of isolated. They can’t get any support from neighboring states because they designed it that way. So, they are on an island. 

They can’t get help. I mean, they are on an island like, you know, Ted Cruz is down there sipping pina coladas — very often wonderland. But again, there is real consequence and, you know, I’m sure you guys would point out if this was Democratic leaders, so let me say, all these are Republican leaders who have failed their state. 

WATTERS: Well, the truth is, Juan that wind turbines froze a week ago and then the coal and the gas had to provide the backup. And then when it got to be 20 degrees, that surge knocked them off. 

WILLIAMS: Come on, Jesse.

PERINO: That is true.

WATTERS: So that was actually what happened, Katie. No, that’s true. It’s exactly true.

WILLIAMS: Jesse — Jesse, coal and gas is the clear majority of the energy provided. I think 20 percent is wind. It’s not even close.

PERINO: Thirty-seven. 

WATTERS: No, 40 percent is wind then it went down to 10 because they can’t spin the wind turbines, Juan, and produce any surge. Those only spin consistently. When there’s a demand issue, you can’t juice up a wind turbine, but you can juice up coal and electric and nuclear, Katie, can’t you? And they didn’t fail because of the weather.

WILLIAMS: Not if it’s broken.

WATTERS: They failed because of the surge. 

PAVLICH: The issue is not that coal and gas don’t work. It’s that the equipment was not winterized properly in a state that hasn’t seen temperatures like this since something like 1918. And let me tell you, the federal government is not shipping in wind turbine generators to get all the hospitals back up and running. They’re shipping in diesel fuel. So, if you want to know about what’s actually working and what’s saving the day, its fossil fuels not green energy. 

WATTERS: Thank god for fossil fuels. I love you, fossil fuels. Up next, it’s open season at the border. President Biden unveiling a radical new immigration plan as a new migrant caravan heads our way. 


PERINO: President Biden isn’t unveiling his plan to dramatically overhaul America’s immigration system and roll back Trump policies. The proposal creates a pathway to citizenship for nearly 11 million undocumented people and does not include additional money for border security. 

Republicans warning it will create a surge of illegal immigration and lead to “blanket amnesty.” That is happening while a new caravan is on the move in Central America. A group of migrants has already made its way to Mexico. 

Katie, I noticed yesterday that, or this morning, there is a conservative coalition that’s coming together, Heritage Action, Judicial Crisis Network and Americans for Public Trust. They are launching a combined $2 million ad campaign like they had done before for conservative judges that they were supporting. 

In this case, they’re actually running ads about some of Joe Biden’s nominees including Xavier Becerra from California. He’s been a real champion for decriminalizing illegal immigration. He is of course up for HHS secretary. The politics of this aside from the merits of it, the politics of this are going to get very difficult for the Biden administration pretty quickly I think but would love your thoughts. 

PAVLICH: Yes, on so many different levels. I mean, there’s the pandemic issue. There is this issue of unemployment and people trying to get back on their feet at a time when business were devastated last year. The issue of not adding more border security shows that the Democrats and the Biden White House really aren’t interested in working with Republicans on this. 

They know that they have the majority in the House and the Senate, and they want to move forward with this amnesty that they’ve talked about for years and years. And it’s not 11 million people. It’s more like 20 million people. And the reason why Republicans always say there has to be a border security component to this is because if you don’t do that, you create a magnet. 

And now we’re already seeing border patrol agents saying that they have seen a doubling of unaccompanied minors under the age of 13 in the past couple of weeks. So, they are creating a crisis on a number of different levels and I think we’re just seeing the beginning of it. 

PERINO: Jesse, one of the things they did is they — the White House is now saying please don’t rush the border, but they also ended the Remain in Mexico policy. So, it’s almost like saying, you know, we’re not going to check ID’s at Disneyland and admission is free, but please don’t come. 

WATTERS: Yes, well, at least they said please. They’re so polite, Dana. It’s just it’s so refreshing. This bill that they’ve proposed is fake. It’s designed to fail. There’s no way it clears the Senate, and they did that on purpose. So, when the Republicans take back the House or the Senate, Democrats can say Republicans are blocking immigration and they can campaign on it. 

It’s the same thing all politicians do. They don’t solve a problem and they just blame the other party for that problem. Even the Politico came out and said this is terrible politics and policy. They have an article that says this thing is a recipe for disaster and it’s littered with quotes from Democrats on the border and swing states saying blanket amnesty, open borders, we’re going to lose our seats.

And Politico even says you’re already seeing migrants come into these border towns and they’re just overwhelming the health care system and the small businesses. AP reports now, the Panama government they basically opened their border and now migrants are flowing out of the Colombian jungle up through Central America. And the Central American governments are saying, hey, come on through as a shakedown so Joe sends them more foreign aid which of course they pocket.

I want to just address this 11 million number. I’ve been at Fox since 2003. I used to be a producer before they put makeup on me. We used to do research packets, how many illegals in this country. In 2003, Dana, it was 11 million. You’re saying nearly 20 years later that number is still 11 million? No, no, no, no. It’s at least 20 million and everybody knows it.

PERINO: Juan, sometimes White Houses decide to let Congress write the legislation so that they can kind of have a hands-off approach. That’s not what this White House is doing. They’re actually writing the legislation and sending it up. And are they heading right into a political buzzsaw?

WILLIAMS: Well, I don’t see that this is going to pass as a comprehensive bill, Dana, if the buzzsaw on that level. But I must say, when I was looking at it, it looked — I mean basically it’s the same bill as the bill that got bipartisan support in 2013. Remember, it got 68 votes in the Senate, so it was like 14 republicans back the bill. 

But I think what we’re seeing now is that clearly this issue has to be seen through the lens of the last four years of Donald Trump. And I think Republicans have become more aggressive, less open to immigration. And Democrats meanwhile have been saying hey, what about this hostility to immigrants? We want to make sure that we are standing up for immigrants. And you get into like silly arguments, do you call them illegal immigrants or do you call them undocumented. 

You know what that’s all show. It’s all theater. The reality is it doesn’t solve the problem. So, I think what Biden’s best chance is to avoid your buzzsaw, Dana, is to do things in pieces. Like, to go about the DREAMers, to look at e-verify, to look at border security, and then the toughest nugget is going to be dealing with the people who are already here and have been here and live in our communities.

PERINO: Greg, I don’t know if that’s — I don’t know if that’s accurate in terms of the politics, if it’s just simply a Republican versus Democrat issue. I think that there were one of the reasons that President Trump got more Hispanic and Latino votes in 2020 than he did in 2016 was partly because of the focus on the economy and you had seen wages go up for lots of different reasons including this one.

GUTFELD: Yes, you answered your own question, Dana. 

PERINO: Thank you. I’m pretty good at that.

GUTFELD: Yes. There was a bottom-line standard that Trump had. He was pro- American worker. And that means — that obviously makes him seem harsh to the immigrant, but he has to — if he’s going to make a choice, he has to choose that. But in the — in the front end of your question, you talked about the politics of this, and that’s the problem.

We — the reason why we keep getting into these dead ends is because we look at immigration as a political variable when it’s an economic variable i.e. the American worker, that’s an economic variable. So, you would moderate the flow of the immigrants based on the changing circumstances of your economy. 

So, right now we have millions of unemployed American workers. We have lives that have been destroyed by a pandemic. We have an education system that is a mess. Our health care system is stressed. This seems a point when you look at the — when you look at the switches for immigration that you would turn it back and wait a little while.

And then when the country is backed to a time of great growth and the economy is exploding and the population is healthy and there’s a surplus of jobs, you can then, you know, turn the — toggle back up for immigrants. So, the thing is I think we run into a problem when it’s always politics.

PERINO: Absolutely. 

GUTFELD: But if you switch it to economics — and people might say that’s cold. Oh, how can you put it in the cold world of economics? Economics is the only way to measure the benefits and consequences of a policy. You know when people are doing bad by looking at the economics, how much money they’re taking home, how much — how much money they have for food. So, that’s the only way you can measure it. That’s why Trump was right.

And you’re going to find out a lot of this stuff in hindsight. Trump turned out to be way ahead of it. He was ahead of me on this. I disagreed with him.

PERINO: All right, good talk everybody. Up next, paying killers not to kill. That idea is being floated in a major city to stop violent crime and murder. We’ll talk about it next. 


PAVLICH: Well, the violent crime surge in liberal cities is so bad that people are turning to insane ideas like this. An activist in Baltimore thinks the city should pay killers not to kill. Watch. 


TYREE MOOREHEAD, BALTIMORE ACTIVIST: I can relate to the shooters. Guess what they want. They want money. I can’t stop the shootings. No one in this world has proven to stop the shootings, not even the church. But what we can do is put them in compliance. 


PAVLICH: Greg, what else should we get paid not to do?

GUTFELD: Oh, I can think of six things I’m doing tonight. You know, I like this idea. I like this idea except I really don’t trust the killers to keep up their end of the bargain. You know, I think at a certain point, they’re going to ask for more money that I don’t have. 

But it’s an interesting concept in this — in the fact that it reminds me of the exact ideology behind the hard left over the summer when they were talking about the riots and the looting and the arson. There were a lot of blue checkers on Twitter saying that looting and destruction is a form of protest when all other protests go unheeded. 

So, paying a killer not to kill is the same as give us — give us what we want, or the city burns. It’s essentially the logic — the same logic of blackmail. If you don’t pay me or you don’t obey me, you will be hurt. And I heard that all summer saying like, hey, this is — you know, this is — you know, looting is just part of the deal, right? If you learned — if you had learned, looting wouldn’t happen. It’s like, that’s how I feel when I hear this. 

PAVLICH: Yes, Jesse, it’s not just activists saying this should happen but Democrats in these cities think, oh, why not. Let’s try it. Just throw away more taxpayer money. 

WATTERS: Why stop at shooters? Let’s pay rapists not to rape. Let’s pay thieves not to steal. And how do we know they’re not just going to pocket the money and keep squeezing the trigger? We’re going to go by the honor system. 

As Greg said, the honor system doesn’t even work in boarding schools. You think it’s going to work in Baltimore? I do give a little credit to the ex- con that pitch this idea because at least it’s an idea. 


WATTERS: None of the other dumb politicians in Baltimore have proposed any ideas as they’ve watched their once-proud thriving industrial port city just decay into a criminal carcass over the last 40 or so years. So, you know, better than nothing.

PAVLICH: Dana, well did any of — any of you watch The Wire? In season three of The Wire that takes place in Baltimore, they — the police have this innovative idea that they’re going to basically let all the drug dealers deal their drugs and do their drugs in a certain area of town and they’re going to look away and not do anything which basically ended up falling apart because it incentivized people to deal more drugs and do more drugs, so I don’t think this is going to work.

But I also think it speaks to the need for more education, more economic opportunity, not necessarily more government involvement. 

PAVLICH: Juan, last word to you. Well, I mean, we — I live like 40 miles away, I never heard of this, and the city council definitely is not taking this seriously. But it does raise an interesting point about the connection between poverty and crime. I think it may be a strategic appeal, Katie, for universal basic income. You know, that kind of thing to say, oh, you know, when people get desperate, crime increases. They do horrible things.

But it is — to me, it’s just a nonsense. I mean, I just wouldn’t agree to it. I just think it encourages bad behavior. I mean, you couldn’t have paid people not to attack the Capitol on January 6th. You couldn’t pay people not to try to kidnap the governor of Michigan.

PAVLICH: All right, “FASTEST SEVEN” up next. 


GUTFELD: Welcome back. Time for the “FASTEST.” First, Kendall Jenner is being accused of cultural appropriation for launching her own tequila company. Some in social media are upset and say she has no understanding of Mexican culture. They apparently forgot about other celebs like George Clooney, a good friend of mine, who have done the same thing.

All right, so I’m going to pontificate, Dana, briefly. 


GUTFELD: The problem with these critics is that they’re failures and they’re losers. They don’t realize that you cannot achieve success in life without providing some sort of value to society. And they think that lashing out is somehow providing value. They will never have a positive impact on this world. 

Her — she’s — this woman is awesome. Her culture appropriation is called capitalism, right? She’s making millions and millions of dollars out of opportunity determination and ideas. These people — these critics probably couldn’t hire an Uber alone. Anyway, that’s my point.

PERINO: Well, can I — I’m just — I’ll add a quick point to that, and that is that, this Kendall — to me, this story is so dumb because you have people out there like on Yahoo News that are citing social media users with 62 followers and saying that people are mad. 

GUTFELD: I know.

PERINO: Come on.

GUTFELD: Yes. But you know what’s funny? We’re doing — we piggyback on that story too because it’s fun. We get to show these amazing pictures, Katie, of Kendall Jenner and go, oh, isn’t this an outrage? Although I can’t wait to try our tequila.

PAVLICH: I know. So, here’s the thing. Like, these people complaining are really miserable. And I just don’t understand the left when they say they want you to be diverse but then when you enjoy different parts of different cultures, you’re somehow culturally appropriating. 

I’m sure I’ll get written up about the way that I’m describing this but I think that we should be able to enjoy lots of different things that happen to be outside of our culture without getting accused of some kind of crime for enjoying that part of something that you’re maybe not completely into. I don’t know. It just seems really stupid.

GUTFELD: Yes. And there’s this assumption that somehow if you don’t do this company, someone else of the right — the right culture will. But you don’t know that, and we’re supposed to all share in our different backgrounds. 

Juan, isn’t the hangover from tequila enough punishment for cultural appropriation?

WILLIAMS: Actually, I like tequila because it doesn’t have it. It doesn’t affect me that way. I get a clear head in the morning. But I must — I must say, I agree with you guys. I think, America is a great melting pot and your nationality, your culture — look, as long as you make it in Mexico, it’s tequila.

GUTFELD: That’s true. You know, it’s absolutely right. You know, Jesse, isn’t the bottom line here, she just makes everybody jealous because she’s now wealthier than you will ever be, Jesse, in your lifetime and she’s like 20. She is like a thousand times richer than you, Jesse.

PAVLICH: She’s 21. 

GUTFELD: And she’s 21. That’s what drives people crazy. 

PERINO: I mean, she can drink her own tequila legally.


WATTERS: You haven’t seen my stock portfolio, Gutfeld. I mean, I bought Bitcoin at like $10.00, so I’m catching up pretty quick. To the critics, that’s like saying like you have to be Italian to own a pizzeria. 


WATTERS: I mean, you kind of do if you want the best pizza, but like, you don’t have to be Italian to own a pizzeria. Anybody can buy a pizzeria. And I bet some local Mexicans sold the distillery to Kendall Jenner. So, if you’re mad at anybody, get mad at the Mexicans for selling to a white woman in America. 

GUTFELD: I hope somebody pulls that out of context with Jesse going, get mad at the Mexicans.

PAVLICH: They will.

PERINO: They will.

WATTERS: They will.

GUTFELD: I’m going to do it after the show. All right, “ONE MORE THING” is up next.


WILLIAMS: Time now for “ONE MORE THING.” We’ll start with the local rancher, Dana Perino. 

PERINO: Well, it’s hard to ranch things here in New York City, but hey, you know, the storm has blanketed the country, but the mail system is still working. Look what I got in the mail, a hard copy of Everything Will Be Okay. It comes out March 9th. You can pre-order that at, you know,, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, anywhere you get your books. So, I hope you do pre-order. Be one of the first to read it. I look forward to talking to everybody about it. 

I would be on the road in San Antonio on March 14th at the Tobin Center. You can find out more at And Jacksonville on March 20th at the Florida Theater. And Kilmeade is going to interview me. Kilmeade.

WILLIAMS: Good luck, Dana. 

PERINO: Thanks. 

WILLIAMS: Greg, you’re up. 

GUTFELD: You should have called your book The Jolly Rancher. Hey — yes, that’ll be the next book. All right let’s do this. Greg’s 10-pound bet news. All right, I’m going to show you a video and then all of you, I’m going to ask you to place your bets on this man. Here he goes. 

All right, so the bet is, will he make it over the stream? For 10 pounds, Katie, will he? 


GUTFELD: No? Juan, will he, or won’t he? No?

WILLIAMS: Won’t he. He will not.

GUTFELD: Dana, will he, or won’t he?

PERINO: He does not have enough height. He will not make it.

GUTFELD: I’ve heard that so many times. Jesse.

WATTERS: He’s white so that’s a hard no for me. 

GUTFELD: Racist, racist. All right let’s see what happens. Listen to the mother — the mother’s laugh too.

WATTERS: Oh, not even close. 

GUTFELD: So, I guess — I don’t know who pays you. Fox News has to pay all of you 10 pounds each. 

PERINO: OK, great.

GUTFELD: Yes. Just go to the HR — 

WILLIAMS: Katie, you’re up. 

GUTFELD: Go to the woman — go to the nice lady in HR. The one who does your time stubs.

WILLIAMS: All right, Katie, why won’t you give us a shot here?

PAVLICH: Time’s up. All right got it. I will — I will call her tomorrow. All right, what do you do when it is unbearably cold outside? Probably not with this polar bear who is 25 years old. His name is Blizzard. He lives in the Tacoma, Washington Zoo, the Point Defiance Zoo. And it snowed there, and he is just having a ball, enjoying, putting his face in the snow. And I can tell you, it’s been snowing here and that is not what I have been doing. So, good for Blizzard. 

PERINO: He’s a cute boy. He’s feeling at home. 

PAVLICH: Very cute. 

WILLIAMS: I like that. All right, I’m going to go now. So, you guys have heard of the Great Wall. Well, what about the great wall of thanks? Yes. Take a look at this wall of thank you notes for people who are helping to vaccinate New Yorkers at the Javits Convention Center. After her second shot, a lady who calls herself Mary Midtown on Twitter, wrote that her thank you was for the staff, the National Guard who showed such respect, kindness, and professionalism to everyone.

The wall of thanks got started with one simple note. Now, the Javits Center has passed 50,000 shots. What a blessing to the Big Apple. Jesse, you’re up. 

WATTERS: All right, well sometimes I feel like this on the show, Juan. Ever heard of the phrase, skating on thin ice? Well, some guy from Amsterdam knows this. He’s skating along, skating along, and then he references the movie White Men Can’t Jump. And he’s in the frozen river and has to get rescued. 


WATTERS: That’s right. It happens to all of us. 


GUTFELD: He also has a man bun. 

PAVLICH: He caught the edge. Oh no.

GUTFELD: He had a man bun, I believe, as well.

PERINO: Yes. He may deserve it for the man bun.

GUTFELD: The man he was wet. 

WATTERS: Yes, he was definitely falling with the bun. 

WILLIAMS: He looked like he was skinny dipping there.


WILLIAMS: Wow. Well, thanks, Jesse. That was scary. That’s it for us, folks. “SPECIAL REPORT” it’s up next. Hey, Bret Baier.

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