Exante reviews 2022: Investors about this trading platform

A large amount of positive feedback motivates developers of a popular trading system to improve it, develop and add new options. A decent platform allows transactions to be completed quickly, pays minimal commissions, offers quality customer service, and is attractive to investors of all types – corporate, small and private.

Customers tell us regularly about the terminal

The trading platform provides clients with the most essential functions. The trading platform includes a wide range of financial instruments. Their number is growing steadily and is quite impressive. If a client requires a position that’s not in the catalogue, they can ask the administration for assistance, specify the instrument, and then wait for it to be added. Other interesting possibilities are also available on the site:

  • Global markets are easy to access. This is important as traders can look for the best trading conditions.
  • You can conclude transactions with no worries about unpredictable slippages thanks to the high-speed connection.
  • Professionals created a copy of the company website complete with all necessary parameters to make it adaptable for gadgets.

One multi-account account and auto-conversion allow traders to trade without having the hassle of changing their account for a different currency. The settings can allow auto-exchange to be disabled, or it can be turned back on. If you have this option disabled you must order currency exchanges every time that you need them.

Demo account, commissions and margins on the platform

The demo account is second in importance. During registration, the client has the option to choose whether or not he/she wants to open an account demo. Most clients choose to open, and that is right. A demo account allows you to do lots, even trades. It’s even more simple to use. You don’t risk losing anything. The directory information is also updated regularly with a delay (30 minutes), so even an inexperienced novice can feel like they are trading.

It is important to discuss commissions if you have been forced to pay extremely high commissions. Exante has no fear of unpleasant surprises for traders who work with us. No hidden fees and no high deductibles. Minimum amounts are required for transactions and withdrawals.

Last but not least, it is important to mention the margin requirements. A broker knows that clients can not be forced into rigid, unrealistic conditions so it will offer margin, either in finance or in securities. You should also be aware that every financial instrument comes with its own set of conditions. Before you begin trading, it is important to review them.