Project VIRUS – Apocalypse comes 18.03.18

Folk wisdom says that everything good comes to an end sooner or later, this sad truth, unfortunately, is applicable to everything and even to what at the moment seems monolithic and unshakable.

Now we are on the verge of a new end – end of the ICO projects era. The financial scheme, which a year and a half ago was the top of digital marketing, is currently attracting less and less interest from ordinary players in the crypto-currency market.

Confidence is difficult to win, but it is very easy to lose, and the last months in the crypto-currency market showed that the creators of ICO projects seem to be holding an unspoken competition – who will undermine the faith of investors in their offspring stronger and with greater negative effect.

All those who once was ready to invest their hard-earned money for the sake of correct and beautiful goals are now increasingly asking the same question – is it worth playing the current rules, the risk that it carries?

The risk of enriching the next scammers, and then at best for years to wait for the product they promised, and at worst be among those who are bitterly looking at the site of the "innovation project" missing from the network.

Fatigue and resentment is a cumulative thing, and the patience of ordinary investors and crypto enthusiasts is almost overflowing. The end of the ICO in their current form is not overlooked and very fast.

But is it worth it to get upset and strew the ashes with your head? To regret the demise of the crypto currency crowdsfunding scheme in the form in which we know it now?

Unequivocally, evolution is a great thing, and a new, more thoughtful and interesting financial scheme should definitely come to replace the deceased, which, if it does not change the crypto-currency market, will set the trend for the coming years.

We do not just believe in this, we know for sure!

The darkest hours in any night, come before dawn – and who will argue with the fact that the crypto currency market is now very dark?

VIRUS project products

The solutions to the wide range of problems described above are a very ambitious and complex task. In fact, we do not just want to create a new product with you, we challenge the established laws of the market and set a goal to change the rules of the game. Ambitious goals require the same wide range of tools to achieve it.

We decided to create three products on the basis of the VIRUS project:


Independent commercial an investment platform for the creation and promotion of high-quality and maximum safe for investors ICO projects.

This product will be, in our design, not only a technical tool, but also solve most legal, organizational and marketing problems, both from the investors of ICO, and from the teams preparing the launch of their own investment proposals.


Analytical product, the main task of which is processing of an array of information and analytical data from the maximum number of sources dedicated to the crypto-currency market, and the identification, using the sociological analysis of current and future financial trends (trends).

The main feature of this product is that the analysis of the input information will be done not by software or any other automated interfaces, but by a community of real people. Thus, this product will be a software implementation of the principle of "mass intuition" and can be used as an effective tool for planning, conducting and improving the marketing campaigns of various products in the market of crypto-currencies.


In fact, this part of the VIRUS project would be incorrectly called a product, a more correct designation – private investment club. We understand that our ideas and goals can not be realized without the faith and help of those people who will support us at the very beginning.

Membership in the club involves the receipt in the future of a certain percentage of tokens of all ICO projects produced on the basis of the V-center product and part of the income from the V-intu product. Thus, in fact, all the members of the V-team club do not just support the VIRUS project, but become its beneficiaries for the whole time of its operation.

Registration for the project Virus opens 18 March 2018 g, the day of the election of the Russian president. We will keep you informed of the development of the project.

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