This Blockchain Platform is Making it Possible to Get Paid For Playing Cupid

In theory, finding a partner should be easier than ever before. There are more apps out there than you’ll ever have time to sign up for.

In reality, dating has never been harder. With more choice comes more noise, and it’s getting harder and harder to cut through.

Swiping through dating apps trying to find a compatible match can cut hours off your week, and out of the hundreds of people you talk to, you’ll be lucky if even a couple of them turn into an actual date.

How the Internet Has Transformed Dating

Before the internet, dating was much simpler. You were limited to either asking out a friend or acquaintance that you already knew or had met at an event (and faced the embarrassment and humiliation if they rejected you), or you’d be set up with someone by a mutual friend.

As a result, we generally had quite a limited number of people to choose from. On one hand, this was a problem, as it reduced the chances of meeting someone we were very compatible with, and often forced us to make compromises.

It also made potential rejections or breakups much more awkward, since in most cases you were forced to spend time with these people and continue as if nothing had happened due to having so many mutual connections.

On the other hand, it generally made us take dating more seriously. For example, were less far likely to get that dreaded ‘grass is greener’ syndrome, or to fear that we might be missing out.

With the rise of the Internet era, the problems we face during dating have completely changed. Instead of not having enough options, we now have too many options. And instead of having too many common connections, we now have no common connections at all.

Introducing Gamified Matchmaking

Apps like PonderApp are completely decentralizing the process of matchmaking by making it into a game and even rewarding users who help to create pairings.

Essentially, it scales the traditional process of matchmaking among friends and acquaintances in the real-world, and scales it for the digital mass market.

The platform is designed primarily for romantic matches, but it can be extended to a variety of disciplines, including recruiting, business partners, and roommates etc.

Users will even have the opportunity to create their own sub-groups for particular groups of people – for example, those with a particular religion, hobby, or other preference.

There are many benefits to bringing a sense of community to online dating. Primarily, it introduces human introduction and interactions back into the initial stages of dating, whilst maintaining a suitable level of anonymity that means feelings of rejection and humiliation will be minimized.

You Can Even Get Rewarded for Playing Cupid

Upon signing into the app, you’ll need to state whether you’re ‘looking for love,’ or if you’re ‘just interested in playing matchmaker.’

If it’s the latter, you’ll be presented with a stream of singles who are looking for matches. You can then make suggestions based on the users’ profiles.

If one of the matches you suggest decide that they like each other and would like to take things a step further and talk to one another, they’ll both pay a fee of $10.

$10 of this will be kept by the app, and you’ll receive the other $10 for yourself. You can use this to find your own matches, or you can withdraw it directly.

Unlike many of the current dating apps that require users to pay to receive bonuses, this platform only requires users to pay when they have been successful in meeting someone whom they are genuinely interested in.

And it doesn’t stop there – should the couple eventually decide to get married, the platform will pay you $1,000 as a bonus!

Your overall performance will be determined by your ‘match rate.’ The more suggestions you make, and the higher the percentage that ultimately leads to a match, the higher your rank will be.

As you progress through the levels and become a more experienced matchmaker, you will unlock new rewards and abilities.

Even more exciting is the thought that you could actually be responsible for someone’s happily-ever-after.

On top of the $1,000 you’ll receive if your matchmaking skills are good enough, you might even get an invitation to their wedding!


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