How to set a money goal (that’s not just having more of it)

It’s the first question many financial advisers will ask their clients: what are your money goals and objectives?

Unfortunately, it’s not a question many people have a great initial answer to – most of us will answer: “Umm… to have more of it?!”

It’s OK. Most humans – including us – struggle with the ability to plan long-term, particularly when it comes to their finances. But learning to set some money goals, no matter how small, is a crucial first step on the journey towards building your wealth and financial confidence.

Money editor Dominic Powell and senior economics writer Jessica Irvine are hosting the new podcast It All Adds Up.Credit:Dominic Lorrimer

So, on this week’s episode of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald’s new podcast, It All Adds Up, we run through some money goals you may consider setting for yourself, depending on your life phase.

Whether it’s saving for a holiday, a first home, a wedding or beginning to plan for retirement, money goals will give you the rough road map you need to help you get to where you want to go.

Then it all comes down to putting processes in place to help you achieve your goals, including spending less than you earn, building your savings and learning to invest wisely. We’re Jess and Dom, and we’re here to help!

You can listen to this week’s episode on all major podcast players, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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