Zebedee to Offer Bitcoin to Podcast Listeners

Not long ago, Live Bitcoin News put out an article talking about how a company called Zebedee had joined hands with technology firm Viker to create a bitcoin-themed version of chess. It looks like Zebedee isn’t quite done forming partnerships yet given it’s now looking to establish a relationship with “listen-and-learn” podcast platform Fountain to give listeners a chance to earn BTC every time they enjoy a podcast presentation.

Zebedee to Offer Bitcoin to Podcast Audiences

Ben Cousens – chief strategy officer at Zebedee – announced in a statement:

With this partnership, we’re supporting a new type of business model and economic activity, not just for the payments space, but in general.

Zebedee was first launched in 2019. As a bitcoin-based gaming firm that builds games through its mobile application, the company is hellbent on giving users a chance to earn bitcoin for taking part in specific tasks, and this time around is no different. Those who really sit down and listen to podcast episodes can add a few BTC units to their digital wallets.

Cousens continued his statement with:

When money moves as seamlessly as information, or in this case, audio, it just opens up a world of possibilities, and we’re happy to be pioneering what that means in the podcasting space alongside Fountain.

Oscar Merry – the founder and CEO of Fountain – also threw his two cents into the mix, stating:

This type of value for value exchange is the future of content creation. A few years from now, we’ll look back at when we paid subscriptions for content platforms that aren’t related to how much we use those platforms and laugh at how basic and inefficient it was.

The program was first launched in June of last year. Fountain also uses RSS feeds to ensure podcasts from other platforms are available to its listeners. For every first hour of a podcast episode users listen to, they earn a small amount of BTC. When they’re ready to cash out, they do so through the Zebedee app.

How Does BTC Chess Work?

Regarding Zebedee’s ongoing progress with Viker, Cousens explained:

Viker’s work to bring player rewards to classics like solitaire and now chess and scratch card games really resonates with us because it’s truly the ultimate showcase of our vision for rewarded gaming. These games have a massive global audience that mostly doesn’t care about bitcoin, and we’re not asking them to. It is extremely easy to set up a Zebedee account, connect it to Viker’s games, and withdraw bitcoin to your Zebedee app. From there, you don’t have to withdraw it anywhere or exchange it for your local currency to use your rewards… You can shop with your balance right inside the app, and if you haven’t earned enough in games to do that, you can just top up with a credit card and you’re set.

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