ZADA: The First Of Its Kind, A Hybrid Portfolio Builder!

In this ever-evolving crypto world, it’s extremely difficult to be the first at something. To innovate in such an innovative environment requires a team that thinks outside the box. That unconventional thinking only comes around a few times and in this space, we have had the pleasure of seeing such innovation from projects like EVERRISE and SAFEMOON to name a few.

To add to that very short list we now have ZADA, a Hyper Deflationary token that gives a unique opportunity to its investors to develop an entire portfolio of new coins. Through its ecosystem ZADA gives birth to a new era, offering rewards in ways that have yet to be seen. ZADA simplifies the investing process by providing the investor with the best blue-chip cryptocurrencies this space has to offer.

Furthermore, the platform has already paid out just under $800,000.00 to its holders in less than two weeks. Since launch, ZADA has distributed 554,125.69 $ADA worth $745.930.00 to its holders by way of its reflection process. Advisors from all over the world are saying that ZADA has an ecosystem that will undoubtedly outperform most coins in the space.

ZADA is the only registered token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), that has the ability to offer 4 coins with 1 buy. It is also offering reflections on one of the most promising Bluechip tokens on the market that is “Cardano”. Every transaction on ZADA incurs a 10% tax which will turn into Cardano and then be distributed back to its holders. According to the team, “Buyers who purchase and hold ZADA tokens will earn a considerable amount of Cardano.”

Tokenomics of ZADA

ZADA has a total supply of 1 trillion, with a total market cap of $10,112,573. According to the information presented on the website, ZADA gives a hefty 10% $ADA Reflection to its holders and gives an additional 2% to its one of kind LAST MAN STANDING WALLET. 2% of every transaction occurring on their network will automatically be sent to the LAST MAN STANDING WALLET which will then automatically be converted to Cardano and redistributed to all ZADA holders.

With this new concept, ZADA stores the funds in a secure wallet and distributes the funds equally to all holders that remain in the LMS for that week. Throughout the week the jackpot only gets bigger and judging by Week #1 being $65k and Week #2 being $77k, it seems like the growth is only going to continue. With the eligibility requirements being that each holder must hold 1,000,000,000 ZADA the focus remains on the growth of the project. Holders are also prohibited from selling or transferring any of their tokens within the 7 day period which allows ZADA to maintain a very solid floor while attracting long-term investors.

ZADA Chain

ZADA consists of a 3-in-1 trilogy that provides a strong chain network that also has upcoming airdrops. This provides investors with many ways to maximize their benefits.

After their series 2 launch, a new chain protocol will activate the Buyback and Burn function. Under this protocol, whenever the user buys a Series 2 token, it will commence auto buyback for series 1 ZADA. This constantly maintains the circulatory supply itself and makes the coin more valuable.

• Development of ZADA.
• Website V1 launch
• AMAs with the team
• Multi-platform visual marketing
• Public launch on PancakeSwap
• Certik Audit
• E-meet-up
• Tier 1 CEX’s for listing
• Website V2 launch
• Live AMA event on Vegas ‘ZADA Con’
• AMA with NFT developers
• NFT launch
How to purchase ZADA on PancakeSwap.
• Install Metamask and Connect to Binance Smart Chain
• Withdraw your BNB from Binance to Metamask Wallet.
• Go to PancakeSwap and click “Connect”.
• Add the $ZADA token by pasting the Smart Contract Address.
• Set Slippage tolerance to 23%
• Swap your BNB for ZADA.
• Add $ADA to your wallet to view rewards

ZADA consists of highly skilled developers, ensuring security, stability, and efficiency. The opportunities are endless for investors, as they can access the collectible piece of art in the NFT Marketplace. The future of this project can be perceived by its culture of stability, transparency, and growth, which will facilitate ZADA to cover all the gaps exploited in the Crypto space.

Media Contact
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Media Contact: ZADA TEAM
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