Yoots, The Most Hyped Upcoming NFT Mint in Solana

  • y00ts, originally called Duppies is currently one of the most hyped mints in Solana. 
  • There will be 15,000 y00ts in circulation, and the price for the mint is $375 DUST, equivalent to $1,061.25 according to the current DUST price. 
  • y00ts derives from the creators of DeGods, one of the biggest NFT projects in Solana at the moment. 
  • To get Whitelisted, you either need to apply for a scholarship or own a Deadgod. The current floor price for Deadgods is 550 $SOL.

y00ts is an upcoming collection in the Solana blockchain created by the creators of DeGods. 

DeGods is one of the more successful Solana projects by far, trading top 10 on the OpenSea rankings for weeks and becoming a genuine competitor to other bluechip ETH NFT projects.

Frank & co, the team behind DeGods, are very well known inside the community, and with merit, as the team has come up with creative ways to engage its audience and introduce new incentives to invest in their projects while delivering value. 

We tried some shit.
We learned some shit.
Now we’re trying some new shit.

Instead of the usual whitelist raffle process, the team behind y00ts and DeGods has introduced a creative scholarship process where individuals apply to join the Whitelist via their official scholarship website. All new members that pass these qualifications are then publicly announced on Twitter on y00tlist’s official account. This is a genius marketing tactic, as most of these posts have been shared thousands of times over social media. While the applications are now closed, the project has enticed some accounts with significant influence in the crypto world to join the project and post all about it on social media. This has accelerated the hype of the project. 

Wen Mint?

According to Magic Eden, the project should mint on Sunday at 2 pm PST, although it may likely be delayed. 

The cost of the mint is 375 $DUST, equivalent to $1061.25 according to the current DUST Price on Raydium. There will be 15,000 y000ts, with around 10,000 allocated to DeadGod holders and others hand selected by the team through these “Scholarships.” 

What are y00ts?

Yoots, The Most Hyped Upcoming NFT Mint in Solana 17

y00ts is an NFT collection aiming to provide a “common-sense approach to NFT intellectual property .”It is based on the idea that every project should have its own IP registry to easily track who is approved to be using the NFT’s IP. DeGods is experimenting with this model using y00ts. According to their whitepaper, the following will happen: 

  • The team will create the “y00ts st0re” for artists to submit their custom versions of traits.
  • Artists will own the IP of their work & collect a % of royalties
  • Holders can purchase the community created traits from the store.
  • Holders can only apply one customized trait to their NFTs per month.
    1. The customized traits can not change the shape/size/name of the trait.
    2. A t-shirt can’t be changed into a fur coat (also must stay same size)
    3. Will not change the metadata
  • Community members can create & officially register sub-communities/sub-DAOs
    1. They can charge $SOL for entry
    2. Collect a % of royalties on all sales for their sub-communities

How to Purchase Dust if you have been whitelisted?

As the native NFT token of DeGods, Dust can be generated by staking a DeGod or DeadGod NFT. If you do not have a DeGod NFT, rest assured as there are other ways to purchase Dust in the secondary market. 

To purchase Dust, you need to use a Solana decentralized exchange such as Raydium or Jupiter Aggregator. 

Firstly you need to connect your Solana Phantom Wallet with the Raydium or Jupiter website, and then you need to input the DUST token address into the “Receive” section. 

Confirm the amount of $Dust you wish to receive and voila, you should have it in your wallet. 

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