Worldcoin claims 4 million app downloads and 1 million active users

Iris-scanning project Worldcoin has reached a new milestone, as its mobile World App has now been downloaded over 4 million times, according to a November 1 blog post from the project’s team. If this number is eventually confirmed by Coingecko, it could place World App in sixth place in Coingecko’s list of most downloaded software wallets.

The Worldcoin development team, called “Tools for Humanity,” also claimed that it now has over 1 million monthly users, double the number it had six months ago.

Worldcoin is a project that allows users to prove their humanness by having their irises scanned. Once the user has their iris scanned, they receive a “World ID” which can be used to verify to applications that they are not a bot. Each user who goes through verification receives 25 Worldcoin (WLD) tokens, worth approximately $46.50 currently.

The project has become popular in developing markets like Argentina, as some participants have seen registering and then selling the coins as a quick way to make a few extra bucks.

However, Worldcoin has also been criticized for allegedly being a danger to privacy. Critics claim that it is too centralized and can result in users’ data being leaked publicly.

In order to cash out their WLD, users of Worldcoin need to download the World App to generate an account. In its November 1 post, the team stated that the app has now been downloaded over 4 million times. This would place it above the Solana Phantom wallet but below’s Bitcoin wallet on Coingecko’s list of most popular wallets.

Some of the users who register appear to be sticking around and continuing to use the app after it is downloaded. The app has reached 1 million monthly, 500,000 weekly, and 100,000 daily active users. This is double the number of monthly active users it had six months ago, the post stated.

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Despite these successes, the project continues to be criticized by some privacy-advocates. On October 2, a parliamentary committee in Kenya ordered Worldcoin to stop operating in the country due to privacy concerns. The project compiled with the order, but also issued a statement claiming they had complied with all privacy laws in the country.

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