Why BirdWorld can raise $2,242,500 in its IDO Round One

BirdWorld has successfully raised $2,242,500 in its completed initial DEX offering (IDO) Round one for the LAB token. More than 8,000 people attend the IDO. Why BirdWorld was able to raise so much money in just five hours? Let’s take a look.

BirdWorld IDO Round One

BirdWorld, an adventure GameFi app, completed its first round of IDO on April 23, 2022, with 13 million LABs participating in this IDO subscription, raising a total of 2,242,500 USD. The second round of IDO will be launched on April 26, 2022 at 00:00 UTC.

BirdWorld is the first GameFi 2.0 blockchain gaming application on BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain), led by SoftBank Capital Group (USA), Singapore Digital Foundation, LAToken, a global digital asset exchange, and Weimi Foundation. In addition, BirdWorld has established a deep partnership with BitKeep wallet. BirdWorld will lead the trend of GameFi2.0, and is committed to continuously promoting the development of Web3.0 with blockchain technology and accelerating the large-scale application of NFT and blockchain technology through games.

BirdWorld Profile

BirdWorld is the first blockchain-powered NFT birds game built on the BNB Chain network (called Binance Smart Chain or BSC before). The platform is designed to allow players to buy, play, collect, and breed NFT birds. BirdWorld combines the thrilling stories of bird with imaginative game experience to create an engaging and Adventure (AVG) game. It offers players a fun and captivating gameplay experience. The game also provides players with new and quick adventures while also allowing them to earn in-game tokens.

BirdWorld Dual-Token System

The project deploys two different tokens within its ecosystem, with each serving a designated purpose. According to the team, the utilization of both tokens will help in the development of BirdWorld.

LAB Token

LAB is the governance token, and its primary use includes purchasing NFT characters, staking, voting, and special rewards.

LAN Token

On the other hand, the LAN token will be used by gamers to carry out transactions within the BirdWorld universe. The primary uses include rewards, in-game swap, power-up, and breeding.

BirdWorld Commercial Innovation

Based on the requirements of DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse and DAO core ecological blocks, Bird World is building a community-owned blockchain game ecosystem with breakthrough technologies and new economic models.

BirdWorld immersive Metaverse interactive game experience

In the game exploration of bird world based on metaverse, users will operate computers and mobile phones and other devices through mouse and keyboard devices and touch operation to realize the first stage of interaction. The second stage of vehicle-machine interaction and intelligent home interaction through gesture interaction, voice interaction and other technologies; Through virtual reality, augmented reality technology for whole-body tracking, whole-body sensing to get a better immersive interactive experience of the third stage gradually realized, let the BirdWorld metaverse game to change the world.

BirdWorld Metaverse expansion scene exploration

There are at least 8 key characteristics to be a metaverse: identity, friends, immersion, anytime, anywhere, diversity, low latency, economy, and civilization. The metaverse is the carrier of the digital age, that is, the ubiquitous and uninterrupted digital network, which is divided into three levels: digital twin, digital primitive, virtual reality. Based on this, the bird world could create more meaningful exploration for the virtual reality of the interconnected metaverse.

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