Whales Move 25 Million XRP to Bitstamp; Is a Massive Price Drop Incoming? – Coinpedia Fintech News

  • 24.6 million XRP tokens sent to Bitstamp during a market dip raises questions about potential correlation.

  • Analyst Ali predicts a drop to $0.55 if XRP reaches $0.75, highlighting bearish signals.

  • Despite ongoing lawsuit worries, potential IPO and regulatory developments create uncertainty.

Who can ever really predict what’s to happen next in the wild wild world of cryptocurrency? Now, a recent 2.58% reduction in total market capitalization has sent shockwaves across major players, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and, notably, XRP.

But what’s truly piquing the interest of analysts is the intriguing dance of 24.60 million XRP tokens making their way to Bitstamp, a prominent crypto exchange, precisely when the market was witnessing a dip.

What exactly is the correlation, if there is any? Let’s dive in and explore.

Mysterious Moves: What’s Going On?

Whale Alert, a platform monitoring on-chain data, recently reported a transaction involving the movement of 24.60 million XRP to Bitstamp. The transfer, initiated by an unknown wallet address, occurred on December 18 despite the ongoing price drop in its value. 

What’s captured the attention of experts is the consistent flow of large-scale XRP transfers to CEXs (centralized exchanges), notably Bitstamp and Bitso. The intrigue deepens with Ripple’s strategic acquisition of stakes in these very exchanges. Is it a well-orchestrated move or mere coincidence? The market is buzzing with speculation. 

XRP Price Drop Waiting to Happen? Ali Weighs In

As XRP’s value takes a hit, crypto analyst Ali on X offers insights into the potential trajectory. Anticipating a retreat to around $0.55 if XRP continues its journey toward the $0.75 target, Ali highlights the significance of XRP’s position within an ascending parallel channel. A rejection at the channel’s mid-line, warns Ali, could trigger a retracement towards the $0.55 mark.

Presently, XRP is weathering a 1.57% decrease in the last 24 hours, settling at $0.6062. The broader picture reveals a 3.56% decline over the past week, signaling a prevailing bearish sentiment surrounding the token.

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Optimism With A Hint of Fear & Uncertainty

While the Ripple lawsuit with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) remains a focal point, opinions among traders are divided. The potential Ripple IPO and the awaited approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF add layers of uncertainty to the mix. Yet, some argue that regulatory concerns might be overshadowed by other influential factors.

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Panos Mekras, co-founder of Anodos Finance, offers a distinct perspective, asserting that the impact of the Ripple lawsuit on XRP’s price has waned. Clearing XRP of security status, Mekras emphasizes the ecosystem’s ability to forge ahead, underlining the numerous projects building on its robust foundation.

As the crypto rollercoaster continues its twists and turns, the future trajectory of XRP remains uncertain, leaving traders and enthusiasts alike on the edge of their seats.

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