TOMI Announces Dex Platform and Staking Following Successful IDO

TOMI recently concluded its three rounds of IDO sale, as well as a presale that was accessible via NFTs, and all have been a resounding success.

The presale saw the offering of custom NFTs, dubbed TOMI Heroes, for sale and the value of the assets sold have been trading well following the IDO.

The main round was completed in three phases, with tokens being available for sale on SushiSwap and Polygon for 30 minutes each. Despite the unusually short buying window, each sale saw healthy participation.

The TOMI Token Sale

The presale took place in three stages with each phase offering a slightly different price – DEXTools stats show that there are 485 holders of TOMI tokens and the 750 million TOMI tokens initially allocated to the SushiSwap pool has been reduced to only 4.922 million.

With a daily transaction volume sitting at over 1 Million USD, TOMI has made a great deal of money from these sales and all these will be going towards buying up and burning existing TOMI tokens in the market.

This action not only manages the token supply within the market but also helps to boost the price of the tokens in the market by creating scarcity. The token burning exercise was made via a public address to ensure full accountability to TOMI holders.

Moving forward, TOMI liquidity on SushiSwap will be in a master address and decisions about its movement will be made by the community.

Through all of this, TOMI has stressed that the ultimate goal is the betterment of the community and this can be seen in its upcoming product offerings.

TOMI’s Transparency Promises

As part of its’ bold public statement for bettering the industry and showing 100% commitment to the development of the project, TOMI has also been keen to show investors that it intends to make a difference when it comes to transparency. To this end, TOMI are bringing forth 4 promises they have fulfilled which show the project’s dedication to the betterment of the crypto industry:

  • Promise 1 – NFT Funds went into the Tomi Pool before Public launch
  • Promise 2 – Increase rarity and value by burning TOMI
  • Promise 3 – Tomi Control Goes to Community
  • Promise 4 – No Tomi’s for the founders

These promises being fulfilled shows TOMIs commitment, both to token holders, and to future developments. All of these promises can be verified via public blockchain activity, and at

TOMI Development Plans & Future

Following the Promises fulfilled in the previous stages of the project, TOMI has announced that a number of new features will be coming into its ecosystem.

The first will be TOMISwap, which will launch in October 2021. TOMISwap will act as a decentralized crypto trading platform built on the Ethereum blockchain.

In line with TOMI’s vision, transaction fees will be capped at 0.3% of the transaction amount. These fees will then be split across a number of parties including liquidity providers, governance token stakers, and for TOMISwap user giveaways.

Rewards for users will also be rolled out including staking to earn rewards and token airdrops.

The next most significant incoming offering from TOMI is TOMIFundMe, a platform designed to help blockchain and crypto projects receive funding.

Holders of TOMI tokens will be able to vote on a variety of promising projects and those with the most votes will receive a grant which is going to be funded through the transaction fees from TOMISwap.

TOMIFundMe will be launched in Q1 2022 and by Q3 of 2022, the native TOMI blockchain will be formally rolled out. With all these hot on the heels of TOMI’s token sale, it is clear that the platform is hitting the ground running.

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