The revolutionary Asirtum ecosystem

The revolutionary Asirtum ecosystem has announced unique terms for the delegation of crypto assets. Let’s figure out what it is.

Delegation is almost the same thing as staking: you transfer your cryptocurrencies to other network members, they receive income and return most of it to you it’s a transaction that binds coins. It’s like a bank deposit. While your coins are not sold to anyone, they just freeze in your account and are blocked for operations.

Asirtum delegation is the most stable and reliable way to increase the number of your crypto assets. Delegation is performed using a smart contract, automatically, on pre-programmed terms. The means of the delegate users are always as secure as possible. Once the coins are sent to the delegation, they become unavailable for transfer until the delegate brings them back to the main wallet.

Earnings are generated by depositing cryptocurrencies and using digital asset-backed positions. You just need to select the coin and make it available on the balance of your address. Smart contracts charge stability fees paid only with the token of the Asirtum platform.

You can delegate any amount, and all the delegators are recorded in the database. It is advisable to freeze larger amounts to minimize commission costs. Coins with different parameters may result in different amounts of remuneration when delegated. If you attempt a double signature of the same block with different data, 25% of the penalty will be cut off from the total stake, and all stakes will be forcibly split.

Asirtum offers a long-term, high-interest investment (Trust Management). Interest is accrued without the need for any additional servicing or management.  First, you must freeze your coin. Unlike lending, you do not need to risk your money. You have the opportunity to unfreeze your cryptocurrency at any time convenient for you without any loss while paying 50% of the staking fee in Asirtum tokens and up to 5% of the current value of the crypto asset.

The development team removes the need for a portfolio manager. You don’t need to choose an asset management strategy knowing which one best suits your financial needs. Asirtum provides liquidity to generate income from AFRT tokens without any time limits, and without compromising the integrity of your delegated crypto asset.

The fact is that the early stage of development of any project offers the greatest benefit to those who supported the project. This is also true for Asirtum – those who came here at the earliest stages of the network’s development have the opportunity to maximize their investments.