The cryptocurrency platform Tipitek is introducing an affiliate program as another way to earn income

Cryptoves LLP has expanded the capabilities of the Tipitek platform by adding an affiliate program. Those interested in digital assets are likely familiar with the multifunctionality, security, reliability, and modernity of Tipitek. It’s worth noting that Cryptoves LLP is rapidly moving towards its goal, attracting more and more clients, including many company founders and professional traders. The news of the affiliate program integration is already widely spreading on the Internet, so Tipitek can expect a new wave of interest in the platform.

What drives interest in Tipitek? First and foremost, clients here can work not only with cryptocurrency but also with other digital assets such as tokenized stocks, indices, precious metals, commodities, and energy assets. This streamlines the work for traders and saves their time, as they don’t need to use multiple platforms simultaneously.

Despite the relatively recent emergence of this new division, it can already be said that Tipitek is a reliable, stable, and secure means for traders and investors to achieve their goals. Working with Tipitek is genuinely simple and comfortable. Investors and traders can not only buy and trade digital assets but also store them. The Tipitek security system is at the highest level.

Since the launch of Tipitek, Cryptoves LLP’s management has repeatedly stated in their interviews that the company does not intend to stop there and will continue to develop and improve Tipitek further. Based on the events within the company, it’s hard to argue with this. Tipitek is outpacing the development of all its “peers” and even many “veterans.”

How to earn in Tipitek? For Tipitek clients, there are both classic ways to earn:

Profit from trading: The uniqueness of the trading platform is characterized by highly favorable trading conditions, a wide variety of the most liquid financial instruments, the use of trading signals and bots. Analytical and educational materials are also available to Tipitek clients.

Passive income: This is a service of a savings investment account, the interest rate of which significantly exceeds that of a bank. Interest payments can be credited weekly. Depending on the chosen account type, Tipitek clients can receive up to 48% annual interest.

What does launching the Tipitek affiliate program offer to clients? It expands earning opportunities for Tipitek clients. The Tipitek affiliate program is presented as a three-tier referral program, allowing participants to earn 3-7% of each deposit made by their referrals. To do this, you only need to register and obtain a referral link, which you can share on social networks, thematic forums, etc. The affiliate program can also be combined with passive income and trading, significantly increasing your earnings. Thus, integrating the affiliate program on the platform is another additional earning opportunity with Tipitek.