Tech Mogul John McAfee Commits Suicide in a Barcelona’s Prison

John McAfee, the founder of the famous antivirus software McAfee and the extravagant tech mogul, has been found dead on his cell in Barcelona, Spain, according to sources quoted by El País. Los Mossos are investigating the matter and all points towards a possible suicide committed by the entrepreneur.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) is also aware of the situation, as McAfee was pending to be extradited to the United States after being detained by the Spanish police last year in the El Prat Airport. El Pais noted the prison surveillance officers, who have found him dead in the cell, and the prison medical services have intervened to carry out resuscitation maneuvers without success. The tech mogul was held in custody in module 1 at the penitentiary center of Brians 1

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McAfee was being wanted by the US authorities, who were accusing him of allegedly evading millions of taxes from profits obtained in activities related to cryptocurrencies. 75-years-old McAfee attempted in October 2020 to fled Istambul to bypass authorities’ hunt. Still, Spanish authorities managed to arrest him and considered the now-defunct entrepreneur as a person with a high risk to escape.

McAfee Legal Troubles

In March, the US Department of Justice charged John McAfee with fraud and money laundering conspiracy crimes. The antivirus software entrepreneur was charged along with his former employee, Jimmy Gale Watson, on what prosecutors described as McAfee’s cryptocurrency team.

US authorities accused McAfee and his Executive Adviser of promoting seven initial coin offerings (ICOs) without disclosing that they were paid to do this. Additionally, the CFTC said McAfee was contracted by initial coin offering (ICO) projects to promote the sale on his social media channels, particularly leveraging his fame on Twitter.

While he received more than $13 million in secret compensation for touting unlicensed tokens, the Silicon Valley legend never disclosed to the regulators that he pocketed nearly half of the funds these ICOs had raised in exchange for his promotional deals.

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