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Ripple, the blockchain payment company, offers pre-IPO shares for sale to US customers before they go public. This investment opportunity has stirred considerable interest in the crypto community.

US Residents Can Now Gain Access to Ripple’s Pre-IPO Stock

A few days back, Linqto, an investment platform, hinted they might let folks buy Ripple shares again because so many wanted them. Linqto has officially confirmed that these pre-IPO shares are available to the crypto community in the United States. Their mission is to make private market investments accessible to all.

Thus, the pre-IPO shares can be acquired through the Linqto platform, but there are a few steps to follow. Interested investors must create an account and go through a verification process using a government-issued ID.

To get in on the action, investors must commit a minimum of $2,500 to buy Ripple’s pre-IPO shares. Each share is priced at $60.08. This rate is notably a 71.4% increase from the price observed just a few months ago in June.

Additionally, Linqto has introduced a discount for investors willing to put in at least $10,000. These more prominent investors can acquire shares at a discounted rate of $57.21.

Can International Investors Grab Ripple’s Pre-IPO Shares?

While some have inquired about the availability of this investment opportunity for non-US investors, Linqto has not provided a specific response. Linqto’s terms and conditions do not explicitly limit this opportunity to US residents, but they also do not state that it is open to other jurisdictions. 

However, they advise those outside the US to conduct their legal research to ensure it complies with local laws.

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