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XRP is on fire! From processing a whopping 293 million transactions daily with 3,400 TPS, it’s paving the way for a $5 price! In light of Bitcoin’s run beyond $42,000, Gemini, a big U.S. crypto exchange, has highlighted XRP’s price action. Analysts and the crypto behemoth have great hopes for it. XRP has risen 1.74% in the last day, riding high on the recent jump in Bitcoin’s value. The most recent price spike has reawakened investor interest, as the 24-hour volume surged 58% to $1,122,238,771. XRP is now worth $33,946,152,892, which is slightly short of BNB’s current valuation by 821,037,768.

XRP’s Uptick in Bitcoin’s Shadow

In a recent X post, Gemini highlighted XRP’s value amidst Bitcoin’s rally, underscoring the coin’s slight uptick to $0.61 while reaching a high of $0.6402 in the past 24 hours, coinciding with Bitcoin’s climb to $42,371. The confusing part is that Ethereum and XRP are reeling on similar growth trajectories, the possibility of an ETH pump is also the ETF craze that’s circling the crypto space right now. 

In the meantime, Gemini’s post also recognized Ethereum’s ascent from $2,001 to $2,267 in the last week, paralleling XRP’s growth from under $0.59 to $0.6402 during the same period. Describing these price movements as “big moves in crypto,” Gemini urged enthusiasts to engage further and share noteworthy price actions using their innovative price widget for smartphones. 

According to Brad Garlinghouse: “XRP could be the next Bitcoin if we solve a multi-trillion dollar problem.”

XRP Rewards and Gemini’s Past Initiatives

It appears that the relationship between the exchange and XRP is reciprocal; following a ban on the cryptocurrency from Gemini’s site, trade-in XRP resumed with a boom. Except for Monday, Gemini had remained silent on the price performance of XRP throughout the XRP vs. SEC litigation. Since its launch in August, Gemini has been a strong advocate for XRP and has supported it through multiple projects. As part of a special offer, the exchange is giving XRP holders who use their Gemini credit cards for online purchases incentives like 3% cashback on restaurants and other bonuses. 

Plus, there was a time when Gemini ran a promotion called the “XRP Faucet” that gave verified customers the chance to claim 20 XRP each day. Unfortunately, that promotion is no longer running. This heightened analysis by Gemini on the price of XRP concerning the wider market increase exemplifies the exchange’s growing involvement and backing for the coin since its August integration. 

Fortunately, Gemini’s actions have helped increase XRP supporters. XRP holdings number over 4.88 million, according to Santiment, and investors are buying more. With XRP nearing its SEC lawsuit, the market is buzzing that it can replace the major crypto assets and revolutionize crypto. 

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