RenQ Finance Presale Smashes Expectations, Raising in Total Over $5M and $200K in the Last 24 Hours – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. RenQ Finance has recently announced the launch of the fourth stage of its fundraising plan on its official website, following the successful completion of stage 3. The project has already raised a total of $5 million in a short period of time since its launch. The latest update reveals that the Stage 4 fundraising has reached an impressive milestone, with $5M raised in total, of which already $200K in the last 24 hours.

This presale event is part of an 8-stage fundraising plan to raise close to $20 million for the platform.

RenQ Finance Presale Hits Impressive Targets: Raises $5M+ in Total and $200K in the Last 24 Hours

RenQ Finance’s Stage 4 presale event has been met with tremendous enthusiasm from the cryptocurrency community as investors seek to participate in the platform’s growth, which has already reached Stage 4 to raise $5M and more, to add another $200K, just in the last 24 hours. This presale stage is particularly significant as it marks the halfway point of the platform’s 8-stage fundraising plan, which aims to raise close to $20 million.

During this stage, investors can purchase RenQ Finance’s native token, which provides access to a range of services and benefits on the platform.

The RENQ token is currently priced at $0.035 USDT during the fourth stage of the presale, and its price will increase gradually after each stage’s hard cap is met. The fourth stage will conclude upon reaching $6,675,000, equivalent to approximately 234,000,000 RENQ tokens sold. In the subsequent stage, the price for one RENQ token will increase to 0.04 USDT, and by the final stage (Stage 8), the token price will surge to $0.055.

RenQ Finance’s success in raising over $5 million to date is a testament to the platform’s commitment to innovation and the growing demand for decentralized finance solutions.

RenQ Finance’s Stage 4 presale event is currently ongoing, and investors can participate by visiting the company’s official website. With the project’s impressive track record and good plans, RenQ Finance is poised to become a leading player in the DeFi space, offering a decentralized platform that empowers cryptocurrency traders worldwide.

To buy and hold RENQ tokens, you will need a wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Holders of RENQ tokens will have exclusive access to all future activities within the RenQ ecosystem, and there will be no vesting period. This means that users will receive their tokens once the presale ends. It’s important to note that the earlier you invest, the more opportunities you’ll have to benefit from the growth potential of the RenQ platform.

About RenQ Finance

RenQ Finance is a trailblazing all-in-one platform that offers unparalleled solutions for cryptocurrency investors worldwide. Their primary focus is creating a completely decentralized DeFi platform to help traders easily manage their daily crypto activities. RenQ Finance strives to provide users with direct trading options via their wallet app while revolutionizing decentralized trading.

Innovation is at the core of RenQ Finance, which continuously develops tools for cryptocurrency traders. These include a cryptocurrency data aggregator, perpetual futures, a vault, a lending protocol, a DeFi and NFT Launchpad, and multiple forums. RenQ Finance aims to build a thriving community that can significantly contribute to the development of the entire RenQ ecosystem.

RenQ Finance has an exciting roadmap, with plans to launch its mainnet in Q1 of 2024. The company is launching DeFi services, including a mobile wallet app and a desktop wallet plugin. These options offer users valuable features such as margin loans and ERC-271 positions.

RenQ Finance is dedicated to creating a decentralized platform that provides a comprehensive suite of services to cryptocurrency investors worldwide. With its innovative tools and active community, RenQ Finance is well-positioned to lead the DeFi space in the future.

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