Polygon-Powered ‘Trump NFTs’ Are ‘$BAYC of the Bull Cycle’, Says Crypto Influencer

One crypto influencer, who claims to have made millions of dollars of profit from crypto, says that the value of the highly successful non-fungible token (NFT) collection “Trump Digital Trading Cards” could go a lot higher in the future.

The collection, which features 45,000 unique images of former U.S. President Donald Trump, was launched in December 2022. Trump talked about these NFTs during an interview on One America News (OAN) show “Weekly Briefing With Chanel Rion”.

Trump said:

Well, I knew nothing about them, and then a group came. And I loved the art. They showed me the art… it’s comic book art when you think of it, but they showed me the art, and I said I always wanted to have a 38-inch waist, but I’m looking at this stuff, and I am saying, ‘that’s sort of cute, that might sell.’

They thought it would sell in six months; it sold in six hours. And it set like a record, I understand. It’s been incredible. You know, if you bought a card for $99, I guess it’s much, much higher than that. And I heard the Wall Street Journal or somebody say it was the investment of the year.

I was criticized, really criticized, when it was announced… I didn’t view it as [an] investment… I thought they were cute. I mean for $99 you’re getting these visions that are very beautiful and interesting, I think. And I viewed it that way, much more so than as an NFT, but NFT was very hot two or three years ago, and then it cooled down…

So, when they announced it’s NFT, everyone said, ‘what’s he doing that for? That’s so cold.’ And I did it, and I guess it was one of the most successful, maybe the most successful, but it was certainly in terms of speed. The whole thing was sold out almost immediately. Pretty amazing!

As of 11:00 a.m. on 19 February 2023, on NFT marketplace OpenSea, the floor price for an NFT from the “Trump Digital Trading Cards” collection is 0.608 ETH (i.e. roughly $1033).

On the 17th and 18th of February, pseudonymous crypto influencer “Moon King B-Roots’, who appears to be popular for his crypto moonshot predictions and who claims to own over thirty NFTs from this collection, commented on these Trump NFTs:

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