Oasys taps rollup platform AltLayer to simplify metaverse deployment

Gaming-focused blockchain Oasys collaborated with zero-knowledge rollup platform AltLayer to simplify the deployment of metaverses within the Oasys ecosystem. 

Oasys announced Tuesday that the partnership will use AltLayer’s rollup-as-a-service feature to provide a simpler experience to builders who want to launch blockchain games and metaverses within the Oasys network. 

In February 2022, Oasys launched its network to increase the mainstream adoption of play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain games. The network touts its “zero gas fee experience” and asset portability between projects built within it. The blockchain’s founding team included bigshots within the gaming and crypto gaming space. 

In a statement, Oasys director Daiki Moriyama told Cointelegraph that the move caters to smaller game developers who want to deploy their games more easily on the blockchain. Moriyama said: 

The executive also noted that with the number of small and medium-sized developers expected to increase, the team believes it’s important to provide a platform where it’s easy to create a “Verse,” which is within the second layer of Oasys’ two-layer architecture.

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When asked what trends can be expected in blockchain gaming in 2024, Moriyama pointed out key developments within the space. According to the executive, the environment around blockchain gaming “definitely evolved,” and the Oasys director described the industry as “thicker” than the previous year. 

The director highlighted the advent of various blockchain-gaming-focused marketing businesses and companies from various industries getting into Web3 as a bullish case for the Web3 gaming niche. 

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