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The Cryptocurrency community seems to be buzzing as Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto’s account has posted for the first time in 5 years, and the news is spreading like wildfire! What could it possibly mean? Can some hacker/internet expert reveal his identity with the present technology? Is Bitcoin going to enter into a bullish period soon?

Breaking the Silence

His last post was on October 31, 2018, a series of posts on how the Bitcoin peer-to-peer blockchain system works. 

The account published a post on X with the top digital asset in the middle of the morning on October 2. In the article, Bitcoin was called a “predicate machine” with several significant yet undiscovered components. The author, who goes by an alias, pledges to explore topics not made plain in the Bitcoin whitepaper in the upcoming months. 

In Satoshi Nakamoto’s words, “Some of these ideas were touched upon in the early years; now is the time to extrapolate and explain” those concepts that are difficult to understand. Interestingly, the piece has received over 1 million views in just over 24 hours after publication.

When he presented the digital currency roughly 15 years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto produced the renowned Bitcoin whitepaper. On, the investor’s idea for the currency was described in a whitepaper. According to Satoshi, Bitcoin was created as a brand-new peer-to-peer electronic currency system that does not require a reliable middleman.

For the creator, the token’s value was more of a replacement for the old digital payment systems’ mint-based models. It is firmly believed that the Bitcoin code was created before the creation of the whitepaper.

Public Reaction

The public showed a mixed reaction in the comments section of the Twitter post. Some say he is fake and sarcastically name him “faketoshi,” and some say the word “predicate machine” proves that he is not the real ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ but someone from the government. 

However, the other half of the people are optimistic about his comeback post. There’s speculation that says, “The first post since 2018 has to mean something”. 

Some comments expect a bitcoin bullish period comeback with positive comments, while some people sarcastically point out that there was a bitcoin bear period after Satoshi’s last Twitter post. 

What Is The Possible Future?

The Bitcoin code was designed to ensure transparency and security in financial transactions, making it an attractive alternative to traditional banking systems. Satoshi Nakamoto’s decision to release the whitepaper after developing the code allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the underlying technology and its potential applications. This strategic move sparked widespread interest and laid the foundation for today’s cryptocurrency revolution. 

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