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Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser and staunch Ripple advocates have drawn the battle lines, igniting a heated war of words. Keiser, well-known for his fiery rhetoric, has sparked controversy by branding Ripple a “Ponzi scheme.” He argues that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s lavish spending fails to salvage the embattled project.


Keiser’s Controversial Claim 

Keiser, despite his criticism of the SEC’s overreach, predicts that the regulatory body will dismantle XRP and dismissively label other digital currencies as “shitcoins.” He remains resolute, undeterred by Garlinghouse’s immense wealth and influence, as he pits them against the formidable forces of the federal government and Wall Street heavyweights like billionaire Jamie Dimon.

“Brad Garlinghouse has been spending a lot to keep his Ponzi scheme going, but he can’t outspend the Feds & Jamie Dimon.” 

According to Keiser, Bitcoin (BTC) stands alone as a cryptocurrency impervious to regulatory interventions. In his eyes, XRP’s downfall is inevitable.

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XRP’s Champion Speaks: John Deaton Fires Back

Nevertheless, in every great story, a hero emerges. And for XRP, that hero is John Deaton. 

This pro-XRP lawyer challenges Keiser’s assertion that the SEC can completely “kill” XRP, pointing to past debates surrounding Bitcoin’s classification as a security. Deaton insists that a regulatory body’s classification does not determine the fundamental nature of a cryptocurrency.

Deaton confidently states that XRP will stand tall, regardless of any potential violations committed by Ripple. He goes a step further, accusing the SEC of favoring Ethereum due to vested interests held by certain investors. Deaton advocates for fair competition, where superior technologies are given the opportunity to shine, envisioning a more equitable America.

As Ripple faces legal challenges, the fate of XRP remains uncertain, with a potential resolution looming in the coming weeks.

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