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Former Coinbase CTO, Balaji Srinivasan, sparked a heated debate on Twitter after posing a question about whether people believed the world is currently facing a central banking crisis. Only 35% of the 15,700 voters believed that there was a crisis. 

Jason Calacanis, the founder of the All-In Podcast, replied, cautioning Srinivasan that he could be causing the crisis by reporting on it. Srinivasan rebutted this, emphasizing that he was only reporting on the crisis, not causing it. The former Coinbase exec then called for a correction on the record regarding the hyperbitcoinization bet, which has been a contentious issue.

Hyperbitcoinization Bet

Srinivasan outlined the specifics of the hyperbitcoinization bet, which is purely ideological and is aimed at settling the digital devaluation of the dollar. Srinivasan did not propose the bet but accepted it and had no profit motive. 

He has committed to never selling Bitcoin for USD unless legally compelled to do so. The bet is purely informational and was proposed by James Medlock. Srinivasan has committed to holding Bitcoin until the US dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency.

Srinivasan is a publicly known personality and has been in the public eye for over ten years, with thousands of tweets, hours of podcasts, and hundreds of pages of writing. He is an ideologically-driven person who believes in Bitcoin, and his stance on Bitcoin and its use as a reserve currency is well-known.

Response to the Crisis

Srinivasan’s concern about a central banking crisis is not unfounded. Several factors could contribute to such a crisis, such as inflation and the devaluation of fiat currencies. Moody’s has already downgraded the US banking system, and Chinese banks are soaring as Western banks are failing, indicating a shift in the global financial system. The world may need Bitcoin as the reserve currency if the USD fails.

Srinivasan’s main goal in raising the alarm about the crisis is to warn innocent Americans and dollar holders of the impending crisis, similar to Paul Revere’s warning during the American Revolution. Srinivasan believes that the digital devaluation of the dollar is a crisis, and he is raising awareness about it through the hyperbitcoinization bet.

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