How to earn passive income with the Minerland cloud mining platform?

The only way to make pure passive income from cryptocurrencies is to get into crypto mining. If you wish to have an agile, remote, and secure investment in the crypto industry, you need to enter the cloud mining business. All investors earn sustainable passive income by investing in the Minerland cloud mining platform. The mining process requires the computational power of hardware devices called miners to solve complicated mathematical problems. This procedure is named hashing as the electronic chips use their hashing power. These miners employ a POW (proof of work) algorithm to verify the transactions by guessing headers of the block of a blockchain.

The Crypto industry is making a giant move in the real world. This huge success of cryptocurrency has affected other complex and limited monetary supplies massively. As the money-making opportunities increase, the chances for investment rises.
For instance, the price of Bitcoin was about $ 7,000 in the fall of 2017 and then achieved its highest level of $ 20,000. Thus, investors who have purchase BTC at $ 7K, gained a 300% ROI.
After that, in early 2018, the whole market began to decline, and the value of Bitcoin fell beneath $ 6,000. Thereby, it is a loss-making investment for investors who purchased BTC at $ 20.
Mining, however, is different. You should know that the risk and profit of all crypto investments are not great, but you can participate in cloud mining as a way to gain stable and continuous passive income.
Every person worldwide can select Minerland cloud mining as a safe investment platform to invest in bitcoin cloud mining and earn a fixed passive income.


What are the types of cloud mining systems?
As mentioned, mining is a complex computational procedure that generates Bitcoin and Altcoins such as Ethereum, Doge, Monero, Litecoin, etc. When complicated calculations of the blockchain algorithms that generate a block are done, the miners who succeed in confirming the work of block production before others will be given coins as a reward via the algorithm. This then is a kind of passive income for investors.

Surely as digital assets grow in value, the computational procedure of generating them also becomes more difficult. This is due to the need for high energy and computing power that is required for mining. So a sustainable mining operation is going far from the solo mining method. It will go beyond individual effort, particularly for those who see mining as one of the many ways of earning passive income.

By joining cloud crypto mining platforms you gain a high percentage of their mining profit depending on your hashing power level and your contract duration. You are probably at risk if the company does not disclose anything about its work and the profit prediction of the partnership. In this case, your capital will be at risk. So it is better to search for popular cloud mining companies like Minerland to have a safe and profitable passive income.

What kind of contract in Cloud Mining is in the customer’s interest?

While accepting an agreement with a cloud mining platform, you have to be cautious about the maintenance fees as the agreement can solely be active as long as it can cover the maintenance fees. It is plenty clear that when the daily profit is not bigger than the maintenance fees, there is nothing left as a profit for the investor. Some cloud mining websites even announce that the agreement between the subscriber and the company is canceled if the profit cannot cover the costs for two consecutive months. In general, such matters are written in the text of the agreement and the subscriber affirms it by knowing it.

Nevertheless, Minerland believes that the agreement has to be for at least one year for its profitability to be sustainable. In fact, the true Mining benefit cannot be evaluated before the end of a year. In some cases, it has been seen that the joint capital has tripled in only a year. If you only HODL Bitcoin, it may make a good profit as passive income if you know when to buy low and sell high. But a one-year safe cloud mining contract with Minerland will provide you with a guarantee of making a profit over a year. So, an agreement of less than one year cannot be a logical way to make passive income.

Minerland cloud mining employs mining tools via several algorithms such as SHA-256, Ethash, and Scrypt algorithms. So miners could have an interest as passive income in a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and some altcoins utilize the well-known SHA-256 algorithm. Ethereum and the tokens are generated through the Ethereum platform using Ethash. Scrypt algorithm is an alternative Proof of Work Consensus. Litecoin was the first crypto that uses this algorithm.

Why is participating in cloud mining a method to make passive income?

Below you can find out the core benefits of cloud mining:

·        It’s a simple technique for investing. Those who want to make passive income need not worry about buying expensive hardware. Also, they do not need to spend a lot of time managing and monitoring the data center in the mining farm.

·        By joining cloud mining, the service provider will accept all the time-consuming hard work that users have to do. The users merely share their capital and use the facilities of the cloud mining platform. That means your money works for you.

·        Both crypto fans and non-technical smart people subscribe to cloud mining easily. Cloud mining subscribers are not to be worried about working with technical devices, renting space, and environmental difficulties.
Even a non-technical educated person who knows nothing about Blockchain algorithms but wants to have a passive income can become a member of the Minerland Cloud Mining Services Company and earn money. This cloud mining is supported by several cryptocurrency mining farms.

·        There are some profitable investment cases in cloud mining. Minerland cloud mining platform Service offers you choices about which cryptocurrencies are more profitable for investing in. Subscribers can choose Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, or even decide to split their portfolio. They want to have several options in investing in cloud mining.
Because Cloud Mining Investment contracts of Minerland are binding, users feel more secure. Both intelligent investors and the non-tech but savvy feel safe with Cloud Mining Investment contracts. Because investing in purchasing hashing power at different rates is less risky for them.

How Much Money Can a Customer Make Through Cloud Mining Minerland?

If we use the statistics from BlockchainInfo.Org, we found that daily mined bitcoins are about 1,800. If we assume that one bitcoin is around $ 35,000, by multiplying these two numbers, we see that the daily efficiency of bitcoin mining will be $ 63,000,000.

Now if you calculate your interest using a cloud mining operating system, you will come to this conclusion.  Suppose you buy a yearly contract for 75 TH and your payment for investing is $ 3,500. You must first pay all operating budgets. After settling your account, you will see that you get a passive income of more than 1.7 bitcoins.

Invest with Minerland

What is the wisest method in crypto investing?

As mentioned, there are many methods for making money from cryptocurrencies. Most of them have high risks and good rewards. Just as one can make a high profit at the top of a peak, maybe one can also reach the lowest profit level.

However, it is recommended that users use the services of cloud mining companies like Minerland. If they are pursuing a legal fount of fixed and passive income through expending money with the expectation of achieving a gain in cryptocurrencies then Minerland is a leading cloud mining platform. Minerland wants to help people who do not have extra time for other work. So they can earn a steady and passive income in absentia by partnering with cryptocurrency mining without doing any extra work.

What are the services that cloud mining presents?

Many companies present mining activities for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They are distributed in different countries around the world. The companies that prepare cloud mining services are third parties affiliated with companies that offer mining activities.

The cloud mining platforms like Minerland lease part of the processing power of devices from companies that do mining activities. Then they sell their plans to users for a certain amount of money. Some of them also charge a fee for Repair and maintenance.

Ordinary people who are customers buy some of their mining capacities and receive their passive income from this mining without any hassle.

What are the benefits of Cloud Mining in Minerland?

Everyone can easily subscribe to cloud mining in Minerland. Minerland presents various methods for its subscribers to make them interested in investing in crypto. All you should do is invest at least USD 15.99 or 50 Points to rent a mining device and get good efficiency. With a $ 15.99 investment in the Soldier plan, your reward will be calculated with one day of contract time. Minerland offers other mining plans with contracts for different periods and various rewards. The other plans are Major with 69.99 USD or 200 Points, Captain with 599.9 USD or 2,000 Points, and Lord with 2,499 USD or 8,000 Points.

More investments for longer periods will lead to more rewards. For more information on the various plans of Minerland, visit On the website, you can check mining plans and start earning passive income from cloud mining.

How do affiliate programs work in Minerland?

Everyone wants to have extra and passive income in addition to their daily activities. Some Crypto Minerland programs offer points to their subscribers in appreciation. If a subscriber attracts more users to the Minerland platform, he will get points. This includes points and discounts for new users who have been introduced to the Minerland system by you.

If you use social media, you can attract more users to Minerland, so affiliate programs can be the best way to earn your passive income. Those interested in earning passive income can join the Minerland affiliate program. You will be rewarded when you introduce Minerland to others.

Are there any risks in making passive income through cloud mining?

·        If you purchase low-quality coins, you are risking your investment. Rates of return that are not true can encourage investors to buy assets that are undervalued. Some profiteering networks utilize a system with several different tokens in which rewards are paid in low-ranking currencies. This makes the user constantly want to sell their reward tokens and give up passive income.

·        If users do not have enough knowledge about cryptocurrency performance, they run the risk. Because Blockchain technology is still evolving, managing and maintaining cryptocurrencies as revenue sources and passive income needs sufficient technical expertise and research. For some users, the best method is to wait for the service to become more user-friendly. Some of them just use the services which require minimum technical abilities.

·        If you have to lock your capital, you run the risk of losing it. Some methods of getting a loan or concluding a contract force you to keep locking your capital for a certain period. This prevents you from owning your liquidity at that time. So your risk is higher in the face of any event that damages your capital.

Why can Minerland be a platform for passive income?

When you decide to join Minerland, make sure you choose a good way to make money with a cryptocurrency mining operating system. If you do not have enough investment or even a job because of your job, you can easily use MinerLand as a source for passive income.

You can become a Bitcoin miner just by filling out a membership form, choosing an investment plan, and paying the minimum investment amount. With the advanced user interface, you can easily control your BTC amount of mining. Also, you can transfer your passive income which is paid in BTC to your Bitcoin wallet every day.

The MinerLand cloud mining platform interface has an application that alerts you to fluctuations of cryptocurrency so you can control the value of your deposit. Also, if you use the cryptocurrency affiliate program, an additional passive income will be added to your Bitcoin wallet for free. The more users you encourage to use MinerLand, the more points you get in the system.

The points you earn are transferable in bitcoin cloud mining packages. You can get more information at