Founder of Crypto Capital Venture: ‘Cardano Is My Favorite Crypto’

On Wednesday (August 17), Dan Gambardello, Founder of Crypto Capital Venture, as well as the host of the very popular YouTube channel “Crypto Capital Venture”, explained why he spends so much time talking about Cardano ($ADA).

Earlier today, he told his over 233K Twitter followers:

Yesterday, Gambardello conducted a Twitter pool to find out if the Cardano community cares more about Cardano’s fundamentals or the $ADA price, and the results were not too surprising given that Cardano has the most passionate community on Twitter:

On Tuesday (August 16), crypto analytics firm Santiment took a closer look at an interesting on-chain metric for Cardano ($ADA): “Ratio of Daily On-Chain Transaction Volume in Profit to Loss“.

Here is what Santiment says about the set of metrics related to “Transaction Volume In Profit Or Loss”:

Those metrics show the aggregate amount of coins/tokens across all transactions on the network that moved in profit or loss for a given asset in an interval. There is also a metric which shows the ratio between transaction volume in profit and transaction volume in loss.

As Santiment explained in May, when it introduced the metric “Ratio of Daily On-Chain Transaction Volume in Profit to Loss”, assets that are “seeing a high ratio of profit taking transactions” have “higher likelihoods of short-term price retracements” (which means “be careful”), and those assets that are “seeing a high ratio of transactions occurring while traders are in loss positions” have “higher likelihoods of short-term price bounces” (which means “be optimistic”).

Anyway, yesterday, Santiment tweeted that “the ratio of on-chain transactions as profit taking vs. selling at a loss is at its highest level of profit taking since the final week of March,” which means that traders need to be careful.

According to data by TradingView, $ADA is currently (i.e. as of 9:40 p.m. UTC on August 17) trading around $0.535, down 4.62% in the past 24-hour period.

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