Forecast: the chain of blocking will become a block-network for 10 years

Technology blockade will not match its name.

Coindesk predicts such improvement in blocking technology for 10 years, that the term "blockchain" will no longer be a useful term.

In the future, blocks will not be in demand, their place will be occupied by transactions connected with each other, which can confirm previous transactions.

Transaction time in this model will be faster – the miner is technically deleted, and each transaction checks past transactions. The time of transactions can actually decrease, as more people use the system.

In the future, the chain will not be one directed chain of blocks, but will be more like a grid.

Perhaps it will be a non-linear set of branches that run in several different directions, where many parallel transactions occur.

Also it may look like an acyclic graph and in the future we will talk about the graph, as we are talking about cloud technology, the publication concludes.


Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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