FOLLOWME Launches New Social Trading Platform

Social Trading is a way to analyze financial data by comparing the operation methods of other signal providers and replicating their technology and strategies.

By COPYTRADE, traders can verify the effectiveness of their strategies, which helps them shorten the process of learning to trade and increase their profitability.

Yaniv Altshuler, a computer scientist and researcher of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, pointed out on his paper: “Compared with personal trading, social trading provides better profit opportunities.”

According to the statistics of active signal providers in FOLLOWME trading community in 2020, there were 6,363 profitable trading accounts, profit 35.31%; while 3,022 profitable accounts of traders using social trading services, profit reached 47.88%, much higher than self-employed traders.

FOLLOWTRADE®, FOLLOWME social trading platform service, which supports privatization deployment, provide traders with a stable COPYTRADE follow system, rich signal sources, comprehensive account data display, smart risk control settings and other product services to help traders improve user trading experience, improve user profitability, and enhance the industry competitiveness of traders.

Millisecond stable following system

FOLLOWTRADE® empowers the COPYTRADE system, which supports

millisecond-level stable follow. Through COPYTRADE, trader users can pick suitable signal providers based on the performance of the signal providers and copy their trading strategies to achieve automatic follow transactions.

At the same time, FOLLOWTRADE® provides intelligent risk control settings, through functions such as equity protection, intelligent ratio, etc., to ensure the safety of traders and users to follow.

COPYTRADE creates a better trading experience for traders, shortening the learning process for users from novices to experienced signal providers to a certain extent, effectively improving trading performance, helping traders to promote active trading of users, and extending user life cycles.


Free sharing trading signals

FOLLOWTRADE® helps traders with high-quality signal services, which can be operated after online.When broker accesses FOLLOWTRADE®, users can share the FOLLOWME trading community from 30,000+ signals and a variety of strategy combinations around the world.

The signal pool provides optional parameters such as profit, maximum drawdown, score, equity, etc. The user selects one or more signals to subscribe according to personal trading preferences through search or filter tools and sets a proportional or fixed lot follow mode.

COPYTRADE achieves stable follow in milliseconds.


Comprehensive Trading Account Data Analysis

With comprehensive and multi-dimensional account data display, FOLLOWTRADE® helps brokers‘ users quickly filter the most suitable signals.

At the same time, FOLLOWTRADE® provides reference indicators such as profit, loss, win ratio, trading amount, scores, symbol preference, etc., to empower brokers and help brokers’ users to review the past performance of the account and improve trading experience, hereby enhancing users’ trust and loyalty to brokers.


Privatized deployment to ensure information security

With privatized deployment, FOLLOWTRADE® supports a wide range of application scenarios to protect the information security of traders and users.

At the product development level, the FOLLOWME trading community will provide SDK calls and Manager API interfaces for traders.

After the two parties carry out technical docking, traders can independently develop front-end interfaces, confirm business scenarios and complete the launch.


With privatized deployment, brokers’ users can share all free and paid signal sources in the FOLLOWME trading community without additional registration.

FOLLOWTRADE® synchronously supports users to connect to accounts via API  in the FOLLOWME trading community, which helps brokers to expand more users.

Moreover, FOLLOWTRADE® supports simultaneous launch of Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Indonesian and other multi-language versions, allowing global users to experience diversified social trading.

In addition, FOLLOWME Trading Community will provide brokers with expanded services such as the quantitative trading system FOLLOWQUANT and the online trading system WEBTRADER, empowering brokers with diversified trading tools, improving users’ trading efficiency, and creating a better trading experience.


In the past 5 years, FOLLOWME Trading Community has brought users many innovative products: COPYTRADE, WEBTRADER, FOLLOWGUARD, FOLLOWQUANT and so on.

On the road of intelligent trading, FOLLOWME trading community has left indelible traces.

FOLLOWTRADE®, as a strategic product of the FOLLOWME trading community, adheres to openness and mutual benefit, and works with global traders to create a better trading experience for users and create a new ecosystem of social trading services.

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