Earnings on Pampah – a reality or a deceit?

Recently, the so-called strategy of "pampas" is gaining special popularity in the earnings of the crypto currency trade.

Pump and Dump – this is not a new scheme used by 99,9% scammers, where allegedly "insiders" disperse a certain token in price, with the goal of making instant profit to the participants. But in fact, the original goal is to earn it. At the same time, the owners of this or that asset (token) in the overwhelming majority of cases have nothing to do with such organizers.

Traders, especially beginners, are highly advised to avoid participation in such events, as when reaching the planned tops in the schedule, the instigators of such a "promotion" will merge their coins for you and you will incur losses. But if you approach this question from the right side, you can, in principle, earn some theory on this.

Types of Pampas

Pampas are divided into two main types – long and short (short and long). The names speak for themselves – short from 5 minutes and about half an hour, long ones can last more than a day.

With short generally do not advise to contact and try to explain it, just in case you still decide to get involved in such a kitchen. As a rule, at the time of the announcement of the signal, pre-pamp was produced. This is when the pampas instigators purchase in advance a certain amount, which comes mainly from the number of the audience of the group involved in the pampas. The graph usually looks like one big long candle, after which the equivalent red one. Warrants are issued by the organizers with + 70-100-130%, which work almost immediately after the announcement of a certain crypto currency on the throw-in by the trader-traders of their hard money.

In the long pampa there are some advantages, since the positive side of the organizers' actions is explosive volatility, multiple impulses, corrections, etc. If you have at least some base in trading, then you can make good money, but the share of risk is great, as the artificial trend movement is very unpredictable and tools such as Elliott waves or the Fibonacci theory can not be used.

To whom the calculation

The main tool of the organizers is a pre-prepared audience that is poorly educated in the sphere of trade and a huge news background, spam in the trolboxes of stock exchanges, social networks and messengers. Do not disdain and foreign resources for communication, thereby attracting the interest of grieving traders who later turn into grieving investors and wait with their tokens for the next pampa, like the weather from the sea or pray for natural growth, which they are usually impressive and brazen is told, they say in case you did not manage to bargain – then this coin has a very large potential and it will show X10 in the next few weeks. Thus, the organizers inspire an illusory hope for a positive development of events and guarantee the participation of a naive trader in the following actions.

In fact, everything happens on the principle of roulette, and as a rule newcomers happen to be lucky, thereby turning on the effect of excitement as in a casino, rates are rising. Eventually, the inevitable plum comes, which occurs immediately after the "insiders" go to the desired and planned profit, the schedule purposefully returns to its original level, demonstrating pathetic attempts to return to the recent peaks.

As a rule, after this, the organizers stop giving support to the levels and sum up in their groups and channels fabulous statistics about the pampa carried out, they say, attracted for 5-10 hours 10 million dollars, and those who listened to us and executed our instructions multiplied their deposit in 2, in 3 , and even in 4 times! But only those who do not say that in fact such profits were recorded not by the participants, but by the organizers themselves. Thus, new arrivals are prepared and are in the role of "well, I'll look and if something, the next time I'll throw it," such "observers".


Let's sum up: these events, it's by and large the next dishonest turn for earnings on the trust of simple, unprepared philistines and beginners, due to the growing interest in the crypto-currency world. To our regret, such factor as earnings on pampa signals takes place and, despite the fact that there are paid and free resources, this factor does not play any role. Paid signals are an even more sophisticated method of squeezing even more money out of inexperienced traders, in which you also voluntarily pay for deception. In both cases, the algorithm for the development of events is the same.

Be attentive and vigilant, do not let yourself be deceived, save and increase your funds relying on technical and fundamental analysis. And lovers of risk want to recall a small truth: "Free cheese happens only in a mousetrap."

Author: Vyacheslav Investman, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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