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It seems like crypto is becoming a rumor mill; while the ETF rumor gave crypto a short-term rally, the Binance meltdown in the US is chilling investors. Recent whispers in the crypto realm have sparked speculation: Has JPMorgan covertly amassed 7.5 million XRP tokens? The latest scoop, born from a purported leaked report, surged through social media channels, drawing both attention and skepticism from the community.

The Ripple Effect

Reports suggested that JPMorgan discreetly purchased a substantial 7.5 million XRP tokens, allegedly accounting for over 7.5% of their portfolio. The speculation snowballed on platforms like X, with influencers like Amelie – boasting a hefty following – chiming in, fueling the buzz. The eagle-eyed critics were quick to highlight the discrepancy in the numbers. The supposed $6.2 billion valuation would massively distort JPMorgan’s $440 billion worth.

Challenging the Gossip

Doubts deepened as no official confirmation from JPMorgan materialized, raising suspicions regarding the claim’s validity. X users dissected the rumors, questioning the credibility of such a significant stake and urging restraint against baseless hearsay.

The rumor mill extended its pinnacle toward BlackRock, suspecting their interest in XRP. However, these claims, like those involving JPMorgan, lack evidence. CryptoInsightUK stepped into the fray, dismissing the BlackRock acquisition rumor as baseless noise.

Truth Amidst the Chaos

On the flip side, a report from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision revealed XRP ranking third among digital assets held by global banks. Although JPMorgan and BlackRock’s supposed involvement in the XRP market remains unverified, the broader banking landscape seems to be exploring the potential of digital assets, with XRP carving out its niche.

XRP Price

XRP, Ripple’s native token, is down roughly 4% on Wednesday, trading around $0.58. The top altcoin started November strong but is currently backtracking as markets settle. The resignation of Binance CEO ‘CZ’ caused a $750 million cryptocurrency market crash in one day. It is positive news for XRP. Bitcoin and Ethereum fell more than 3%, while BNB fell 12%. With rumors of JP Morgan amassing XRP, Can we call for a $1 by year-end? 

The controversy surrounding JPMorgan’s alleged XRP hoarding and the broader implications for the banking sector leaves the crypto sphere both captivated and cautious. As the dust settles, the truth of these claims remains a mystery, leaving investors to sort the facts amidst the noise.

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