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This is an investigation By Mr. Huber, a crypto KOL, into the web of connections that may have led to Ripple’s struggles and Ethereum’s unprecedented privileges. It’s a tale of secret meetings, regulatory controversies, and legal battles involving players like JPMorgan, the SEC, Ripple, Ethereum, and ConsenSys.  Here is the timeline that might be dubbed the financial scandal of the 21st century. 

The JPMorgan Connection & Ethereum Alliance

In February 2017, JPMorgan and Ripple’s competitor ConsenSys found the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. By April, JPMorgan exited the consortium with Ripple as a member, thus marking the beginning of a series of significant events.

Secret Meetings and Major Investments

From secret meetings with Coinbase in early 2018 to investments in Ripple’s competitor ConsenSys, JPMorgan’s interest in Ethereum is apparent and substantial. The connection culminates with “Morganization,” a term rooted in J.P. Morgan’s historical monopolization techniques.

Lawsuits and Regulatory Issues For Ripple

From SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple in December 2020 to Ripple’s General Counsel’s call for an investigation into Hinman’s criminal financial conflicts, the company has been embroiled in legal and regulatory challenges.

The legal obstacles appear to be stymying Ripple’s progress and choking the adoption of XRP, its digital currency. Advocates believe these delays are tactical, intending to further delay Ripple and give Ethereum an edge. This is all part of JP Morgan’s Plan!

Free Pass for Ethereum

The SEC’s unusual treatment of Ethereum, including ignoring its ICO and providing a “free pass” in July 2017, has drawn attention. Ethereum was given regulatory clarity, while Ripple continues to face issues. This is just delaying XRP adoption and giving Ethereum the upper hand! Recent lawsuits filed against the SEC for disguising documents and covering up communications about Ethereum add a controversial layer to the situation.

Why has Ethereum received unprecedented regulatory privileges from the SEC? The clues now only point to JPMorgan’s historical practices of creating monopolies, a strategy that might be in play once again in the world of digital finance. Ripple’s trials seem more than mere coincidence, and Ethereum’s privileges look less like luck. 

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