Data – Decentralized AI-powered Trust Alliance

Data is an initial Coin Offering that was created in order to address the root of the fraud at its core. It wants to be sure that every single participant in the ecosystem is working on order to “do good.” This is a problem related with trust, and that’s the true, participants in the digital ecosystem do not trust each other.

As there is no trust among participants, there are other agencies that work as intermediaries between the users. We are talking about exchanges, institutions, ad networks, and others. And the advertising industry is full of fraudulent activities and other complicated problems.

The Data project tries to proactively identify the fraudulence based on the pattern or behaviour analysis via a proprietary AI algorithm, prior to the fraudulent user data being injected into the entire network.

With the Data token (DTA), the system will support micropayments, it will be used across applications, and will work in other services, like DSPs (Demand Side Platforms), or third-party SaaS (software as a Service).

To put it clear, intermediaries take more than half of the advertising revenues. For example, if an advertiser has $100, just $50 or less goes to the end publisher, and intermediaries take more than $50.

There are some problems that Data is trying to solve. There are limitations in the centralized systems that operate now, there are severe ad frauds, and monetization and user experience is not ideal.

Which is the Solution to End Fraud?

Fraud traffic is not hard to detect if the advertisement tracking system provides authentic information. Data is a blockchain based advertising protocol and technology stack that consist of four layers: P2P Mobile Storage Layer, Blockchain layer, SDK Management Layer, and Application Process Layer.

The P2P Mobile Storage Layer is a decentralized mobile storage that allows to encode user activity by using erasure coding and distributed in a distributed has table.

SDK management layer contains SDK and protocol for collecting data and perform initial data processing. The open-source SDK transforms user’s mobile device into a node in a P2P data storage.

The Blockchain layer is the DATA chain, that is a standalone public chain, built from a fork on the Ethereum network.

The Application Process Layer consists of protocol and smart contracts that perform applications of the system. It recognizes fraud and supports utilities like micropayments.

There are different features (Ad Flow, Data Flow, and Token Flow), that will allow the problems mentioned before to be solved.

With Ad Flow, the ads will directly move from the advertisers, ad networks and DSPs, directly to publishers and developers, to finally reach end users.

Data Flow means that the data will flow from users’ devices t the P2P-based mobile storage platform.

With Token Flow, the tokens will be flowing rom the Data network, to users, publishers, developers and other Data nodes.

Data Team

The team is conformed by experts in many different areas, which will allow the company to expand and deliver a great product to the market.

Josh Burns, Shirley lin, Eric Li, Victor Ye, Franklin Song, henry Zhao, Han Liao, and Ashley Zhou are the most important team members. It is not clear which of them is the founder, creator or what they do at the company.

It says and shows their past experience, that’s something important to mark. Some other ICOs, avoid to share this information because the founders may have little experience in the topic.

All the team members have an incredible experience in technology, science, social networks, businesses, blockchain, and more.

Michael Arrington is part of the Advisors of the platform. Other advisors are Prof. Schoucheng Zhang, Shuoji Zhou, Bo Shen, Paul Veradittakit, Junfei Ren, Yusen Dai, Bman Lee, Kevin Wen, and Satoshi D.

DTA Token

The DTA Token will work as the backbone of the blockchain based advertising infrastructure. The token will be available for other applications like purchasing virtual items and premium services, or for publishers.


DTA is working in order to create an AI-powered system for the advertising industry. The main intention is to reduce fraud and increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. With the solutions proposed by DATA, the advertising industry would be much more reliable and effective than never before.

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