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It’s back again, for the millionth instalment, it’s Crypto Refresh time!

Each week we like to trawl back through the news for you, to provide you with a concise version of the entire weeks events. It’s like a TL DR you can truly rely on. 

Once again, this week has been a rollercoaster in the cryptocurrency world. Market-wise things have been pretty bland, up until today, when things have started to make positive upwards movements. News-wise, things haven’t stopped, it’s been as fast paced and as speculation filled as possible.

Here’s your weekly summary- 

TRON Beaks into Top 10
TRON has finally broken into the top ten currencies for market capitalisation. Initially, TRON sat comfortably in ninth place, riding high from various gains and positive announcements. Since the hype has died down, TRONs market cap was finally over taken by IOTA, however, with that in mind TRON still sits sturdily in tenth place. This is very impressive for a currency that still doesn’t even use its own blockchain. 

EOS Breaches All Time High
Off the back of two incredible weeks of gains, and of course a bull run mid-April, EOS has surpassed its all time high, flying right past it’s $18.00 valuation as recorded in January 2018. The peak of EOS now sits at just over $22.00. Since then, EOS has corrected itself, but with a current value exceeding $17.00, you can indeed argue that this has been a fantastic week for EOS and its investors.

Ripple Relaunch Codius
Codius was a programme which Ripple phased out in 2015. Three years later it now seems that Codius is back. The true extent of this is still unknown, however a website for Codius has gone live. With more announcements due soon, we expect this to be come a bit of a craze over the coming months. Expect to see the word Codius quite a lot.

Coinmarketcap’s Fifth Birthday celebrated their fifth anniversary this week, during which they re-branded and launched a new iOS app, plus a range of API updates. The app promises a more interactive on the go method for keeping up to date with market trends. If you’re on iPhone and haven’t yet checked it out, I’d recommend you do so.

Also, whilst you’re on the app store, remember to check out the Crypto Daily app!!!

Verge Approach Spotify, Sort of…
In an open letter on a Spotify forum, a ‘volunteer’ from the Verge community has drafted an eloquent discussion on the advantages of a Spotify partnership with Verge. Of course, both the Verge community and the Spotify community seem very keen on this. With no official word from Spotify yet, we all assume this is just a marketing ploy to get Verge back in the limelight, overall though, maybe this is something we could see happening in the future?

GP Bullhound Predict a 90% Correction Will Destroy Cryptocurrencies
This was a silly statement from a director of GP Bullhound, a technology financial investment firm. In essence, they believe that the markets will see a correction of around 90% that will cause all cryptocurrency markets to fail. Obviously, this is something the majority of is think is a complete lie and really, it’s not based upon any significant findings or evidence. It was however, quite a big news headline for obvious reasons. 

IOTA has had a great week, between launching their new Ecosystem, a MOBI partnership and of course, the new IOTA project ‘Q’, the value of the currency has pumped, and the excitement within the IOTA community has become very clear. All in all, IOTA has had a great week. With Q leading the headlines today and a big announcement due on the 3rd of June, we expect IOTA to continue flying throughout this month. Given the right conditions, we could even realistically see IOTA hit $4.00. 

That’s all folks!

Of course, so much more than this has happened over the past week but in an attempt to cut down the news for our pit stop readers, hopefully we have covered at least some key points for you.

Our coverage of all things crypto will of course continue through the weekend and the bank holiday and as ever, our now infamous Crypto Refresh will be back next week, bigger and better than ever! 

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