ConsenSys eyes Web3 notification service refinement with Hal acquisition

Blockchain technology services provider ConsenSys acquired Hal, a no-code blockchain development tooling platform, to disrupt alerts and notifications at the protocol level in Web3.

The acquisition will allow ConsenSys’ Web3 API provider Infura to integrate Hal’s configurable webhooks or notification service in its developer stack. As a result, the move will help developers create alerts and notifications at the protocol level for various signals.

According to ConsenSys, Infura offers a suite of tools to connect apps, which the developer community can use to connect apps to the Ethereum network and other decentralized platforms.

Infura co-founder Eleazar Galano revealed the company intends to fill the gaps in the building process of apps for the crypto ecosystem. Speaking about ConsenSys’ acquisition of Hal, Galano stated: 

“Enabling developers a seamless end-to-end experience is a key goal and one of the most important trends is low code / no code solutions.”

In February 2022, ConsenSys acquired Ethereum wallet interface provider MyCrypto to improve the security of MetaMask and its user experience. 

ConsenSys acquired Hal to build upon this year-old initiative and enable MetaMask to offer a dynamic, personalized notification system.

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ConsenSys CEO Joe Lubin recently told Cointelegraph that “we’ve retained virtually all of our capabilities” despite having to lay off 11% of its workforce.

Lubin highlighted concerns around raising cash in the crypto ecosystem at the Web3 builder-focused event, Building Blocks 23, in Tel Aviv, Israel. He added:

“And VCs are not kind and generous. They’re going to withhold until some sort of shakeout happens in the tech space, I believe.”

Regarding the job cuts, Lubin believes ConsenSys is now in a stronger position to withstand unforeseen global economic troubles.

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