Coinbase One Upgrade: Increased Staking Rewards and Expanded Global Access

In a recent blog post from Coinbase, the popular cryptocurrency exchange announced some attractive updates to its premium subscription service, Coinbase One. The company reports that subscribers will now enjoy zero trading fees, higher staking rewards, and additional benefits through partner firms like Messari and CoinTracker, all for a monthly fee of $29.99. Moreover, Coinbase One has extended its availability to customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland.

The blog post states that these upgrades are part of Coinbase’s commitment to helping users gain more value from the crypto economy, whether they are frequent traders or long-term investors. Coinbase One allows members to execute more trades on hundreds of assets without worrying about trading fees on every transaction. Moreover, for those invested in ADA, ATOM, SOL, or XTZ, Coinbase One promises lower commissions for staking and exclusive rewards throughout the year.

In addition to the financial benefits, Coinbase One aims to deliver peace of mind to its users. Coinbase acknowledges the past struggles with technical account issues and tax filing difficulties and claims to offer solutions with this new package. Subscribers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland will have access to a 24/7 dedicated support team. Furthermore, US members will receive a pre-filled tax Form 8949 to simplify their crypto tax filing process.

The blog post also teases exclusive limited-time partner deals, with Coinbase partnering with some of the best names in and outside of crypto. Currently, members will get access to 90 days of exclusive crypto market insights and analytics with Messari Pro. Future partnerships include Alto IRA, Blockworks’ Permissionless, CoinTracker, and Lemonade, with benefits ranging from free accounts and discounts to additional portfolio analytics tools.

According to Coinbase, this expansion is part of their mission to build the most trusted crypto products and services and support other builders to bring the next one billion people into crypto. The international expansion strategy aims to get the best of Coinbase to customers worldwide, starting with customers in the UK, Germany, and Ireland. The company promises to continue bringing members the best that Coinbase offers, enabling them to save, earn, and do more with their crypto.

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