Coinbase Leads U.S. Crypto Owners in Push for Legal Reform

Coinbase has initiated a comprehensive campaign aimed at mobilizing the 52 million Americans who own cryptocurrency. The campaign, known as the Stand with Crypto Alliance, is set to run for 14 months and is structured around three core elements.

  1. Mobilizing Crypto Advocates Through Coinbase: The first aspect of the campaign involves using the Coinbase platform to turn crypto owners into single-issue advocates. The Stand with Crypto decentralized app, accessible via the Coinbase app, has apparently already seen more than 100,000 people take action since its formation a few weeks ago.
  2. Multi-Platform Media Campaign: The second element is a wide-ranging paid media campaign that spans multiple platforms. This includes the launch of digital and outdoor advertisements in Washington, DC, which are intended to be distributed nationally.
  3. Focus on Key States: The third component zeroes in on nine states that have a higher-than-average number of crypto owners. These states are Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The campaign includes on-the-ground organizing with full-time field organizers. Stand with Crypto has already hosted successful events in Ohio, Nevada, Georgia, and Montana to gauge the ability to organize crypto advocates. In Georgia, the campaign aims to build a crypto club with at least 11,779 members.

According to its blog post, Coinbase is encouraging the crypto community to move the conversation from social media platforms to direct communication with members of Congress. The campaign urges crypto owners to take a minute out of their day to call their congressional representatives and advocate for clear, sensible crypto legislation.

To facilitate this, Coinbase has introduced a ‘call maker’ feature that uses innovative technology to connect people directly to their congressional members. This feature also provides a tailored script to guide the conversation.

Furthermore, Coinbase announced that September 27 will be designated as Stand with Crypto Day. On this day, crypto innovators, entrepreneurs, and developers from across the country will fly into Washington, DC, to engage directly with members of Congress and government officials. The aim is to demonstrate how the crypto industry is generating jobs and economic activity in their home states and to argue against an enforcement-only approach that could drive innovation away from the U.S.

The ultimate goal of the Stand with Crypto campaign, as stated by Coinbase, is to mobilize one million people. However, Coinbase speculates that even if 10% of America’s 52 million crypto owners become single-issue advocates, it could significantly impact the status quo and promote more inclusive financial systems.

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