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As the interest rate hiking cycle of the United States Federal Reserve draws to a close, Cathie Wood, founder, and CEO of Ark Invest, is of the opinion that growth stocks and innovation-based strategies will recoup their previous losses and post new gains. 

Tesla, Coinbase, and AI

Wood believes that growth stocks, in general, and innovation-based strategies, in particular, should make up for lost time now that the most severe interest rate hike in the history of the United States is nearing its conclusion.

Coinbase and Tesla have been frequent targets for investment by Wood’s Ark Invest, which most recently demonstrated its commitment to the former by purchasing 14,636 shares of Coinbase when the price fell below $58. She forecasts that the price of a share of Tesla would rise to $1,500 during the next five years, representing a 675 percent gain.

Ark Invest, which is well-known for its investments in technology equities, predicts that artificial intelligence will increase the productivity of knowledge workers by more than four times by the year 2030. Wood drew a parallel between artificial intelligence (AI) and an assembly line of knowledge workers, and he thinks AI will accelerate the digital revolution.

Bitcoin to hit $1M in 2030

In addition to her optimistic outlook on growth stocks and innovation-based initiatives, Wood reaffirmed her forecast that the price of bitcoin would reach one million dollars by the year 2030. Moreover, she is of the opinion that Bitcoin may serve as an insurance policy for nations that are battling inflation.

It is possible that Wood’s forecast that the price of bitcoin would reach one million dollars by the year 2030 could come true; nevertheless, it is far more probable that the price of BTC will reach one hundred thousand dollars by the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

In spite of this, her prior forecasts on AI as well as the recovery of Tesla and Coinbase shares, have been accurate, which has established her as a renowned voice in the world of finance.

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