Cardano uses its technology to develop the African continent

Cardano (ADA) is a decentralized Blockchain platform that allows for more secure and scalable translations. Currently, the price of one token is 0,21 US dollar, and the total capitalization of crypto currency is the eighth place in the digital currency market.

Cardano offers regulatory oversight and consumer confidentiality, which makes it a flexible and scalable technology. It aims to provide a stable and sustainable ecosystem for users. Developers built a technology based on peer-reviewed academic research. The programming language for Cardano is written in Haskell, which guarantees accurate mathematical code.

According to a recent blog post published by Cardano, their next goal is to improve the development environment in Africa.

Land tenure is a big problem in Africa. Cardano wants to create a digital register that can identify the earth using GPS coordinates. Accordingly, the owner of the property can be checked, and the ownership can be transferred with minimal costs.

Next Steps Cardano

Rwanda has adopted the Blockchain technology and is already planning to establish its own registry using this technology.

For the whole project to go smoothly, the government, non-governmental organizations and the private sector should work together. As a first step, the issue of education in Africa will be studied. At the moment, there is cooperation with universities in Barbados and Greece, which will train and produce young programmers who can work with Haskell. The learning process will be free of charge and without any obligations.

Earlier we reported that the Cardano Foundation investigates the threat of quantum computing.

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