Cardano-based Cardalonia Shares Project Update

Since its April debut, Cardalonia, a metaverse project based on Cardano, has followed through on its roadmap.

The noncustodial staking vault that the Cardalonia Development team has created allows you to stake your $LONIA tokens and collect rewards without having to remove them from your wallet. The way the staking vault operates is comparable to how cardano stake pools operate.

ADA handle has been incorporated into the staking vault so that holders of $LONIA tokens can display their ADA handle addresses.

With more than 3.3 million $LONIA tokens staked, over 160 active wallets are staking their tokens to collect passive payments.

Despite the market meltdown, the Cardalonia development team has not slowed down because they are also working on free NFT drops for LONIA token holders.

The Cardalonia development team is also putting the finishing touches on a third-party metaverse asset creation for stakeholders of the $LONIA token who also have an ADAhandle to design and customize their unique avatars.

After the presale, a few days after the current seed round has ended, the Cardalonia game trailer will be made available.

The community of $LONIA token holders will be able to engage in their first governance event, voting on whether the Tokens will be burned or distributed to the Cardano community utilizing stake pool offerings after all unsold LONIA tokens have been transferred into a treasury.

Interested parties can join the LONIA Token seed sale below to purchase $LONIA before the Pre-Sale at a lower price.

Visit to purchase $LONIA tokens.

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