Affitrum Unveils AI and Blockchain Solution to Address $450B Fraud Problem in the Advertising Industry

Affitrum has announced the launch of its innovative AI and blockchain solution to combat the widespread issue of ad fraud that has cost the advertising industry an estimated $450 billion.

Affitrum understands that ad fraud has become a significant challenge for advertisers and publishers. Following concerns to curtail this, the company seeks to revolutionize the landscape by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, ensuring transparency, trust, and efficiency in the digital advertising ecosystem.

Addressing the pervasive issue of ad fraud head-on, Affitrum combines advanced AI algorithms and blockchain technology to combat fraudulent activities plaguing the ad industry comprehensively. By leveraging the capabilities of AI algorithms, Affitrum’s intelligent system can analyze vast amounts of data in real time with remarkable accuracy, effectively detecting and preventing fraudulent activities. This transformative technology optimizes the allocation of advertisers’ budgets, ensuring they reach genuine audiences, and driving meaningful engagement that yields measurable results.

Integrating blockchain technology, specifically the TRUM Blockchain, further enhances Affitrum’s solution. By leveraging a decentralized and transparent ledger, advertisers and publishers can verify the authenticity and integrity of ad impressions, clicks, and conversions. This immutable and auditable ecosystem eliminates the potential for data manipulation or falsification, establishing a trustworthy environment within the advertising industry.

With a suite of unique features and exceptional benefits, Affitrum sets a new standard in the industry, ensuring a more secure and transparent digital advertising ecosystem. Notably, their system employs advanced AI algorithms to monitor ad traffic continuously, detecting and preventing fraudulent activities in real time.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Affitrum ensures transparency and auditability, allowing advertisers and publishers to validate the accuracy of ad impressions and conversions. The solution fosters trust and collaboration among stakeholders, driving mutually beneficial partnerships.

In addition to its fight against ad fraud, Affitrum pushes the boundaries by presenting the Affitrum Protocol. This groundbreaking protocol encompasses four potent decentralized applications (dApps): ADS marketplace, AI Metasphere, Staking Garden, and ADS Revenue. These utilities enhance yield generation and deliver seamless advertising experiences, advanced AI capabilities, and enhanced meta functionality.

Hence, Affitrum Protocol, powered by the $TRUM blockchain, offers efficient yield generation and advanced AI capabilities. With an Audit report and KYC Verification already obtained, the Public Presale begins on July 15th. The company is actively pursuing a CEX listing with the MEXC exchange. By proudly adopting the Ethereum ERC20 standard, Affitrum ensures compatibility and accessibility across multiple platforms and exchanges.

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