ADV in CME Group for August 2021 Hits 17.5 Million Contracts

CME Group, which operates one of the largest derivatives exchanges in the United States, has published its monthly metrics for August on Thursday, noticing a growth in the overall volume compared to the figures of the same period last year.

According to the report, its average daily volume (ADV) was 17.5 million contracts during August, whose interest rate ADV accounted for 8.8 million contracts. To put such numbers into perspective, interest rate monthly ADV rose by 23% on a monthly basis compared to August 2020, while its options ADV skyrocketed 69%.

Furthermore, equity index ADV for August was 4.2 million contracts, while energy average daily volume hit 2.1 million contracts. In the last month, CME Group also reported a surge in forex options ADV by 15% compared to the figures seen in the same period last year. “ADV outside the United States increased 5% to 4.7 million contracts in August, including 5% growth in EMEA and 2% in Asia,” the operator noted. Also, micro Bitcoin (BTC) futures hit an ADV of 13,000 contracts, which includes over 1.7 million contracts since it was launched last May.

“Micro E-mini futures and options represented 37.5% of overall Equity Index ADV, Micro WTI Crude Oil futures accounted for 3.4% of overall Energy ADV, and Micro Bitcoin futures accounted for 0.3% of overall Equity Index ADV,” CME Group reported.

July FX Figures

In its previous report, CME Group highlighted that forex’s average daily volume (ADV) came in at 735,000 contracts in July. Though the absolute number looks strong, there was a yearly slump of 3% in forex demand, while the figures went down by 20.7% compared with the previous month’s numbers. Currently, CME offers forex trading services on its CME Globex platform, and most of the trading happens on the dedicated electronic platform. Out of the total figure, only ADV of 4,000 contracts were traded privately.

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